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3 Tips for Buying Eco-Friendly Baby Products


Eco-Friendly baby products are an important way for many parents to try to make the world a better environment for their children. Luckily, there are far more eco-friendly baby products now than there have ever been in the past. Many major baby product companies, and a high number of smaller ones, have some products in their lines that use sustainable ingredients or manufacturing methods. Here are three tips for buying these environmentally-friendly products: 

1. Think Small

When you first consider eco-friendly products for your baby, you probably think of furniture and of organic bedding and clothing. However, there are many smaller items that you will need for your baby that can also be purchased in eco-friendly form. Organic mineral oil, cleaning products and diaper creams can also help keep your nursery green.

2. Consider the Diapers

While the most eco-friendly way to diaper is by using the cloth diaper, there are many ways to diaper in a more sustainable fashion. Many people use plastic outer covers for their cloth diapers, and those are not biodegradable. If cloth diapering is too difficult for your family, you can also choose to use cloth diapers once a day in order to cut down on your landfill waste. 

3. Remember the Toys

Non-toxic toys not only keep your baby from being exposed to harmful chemicals; they also keep toxic substances out of landfills when your baby outgrows them. Imagine how many toys your baby will go through in just the first three years. Buying toys that are made from natural materials and that don't contain BPA and phthalates can help reduce his exposure to toxic chemicals considerably, particularly during his teething period.

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