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3 Summertime Alternatives to Your Home Office

Get out of your home office and enjoy the freedoms of working from home.
A woman working on her laptop at the beach.

The warm summer rays, the super blue skies. Ahh, summer is a season meant to be spent outdoors, not cooped up in a stuffy office. While you might find that you’re most productive working in your home office, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t step outdoors every now and then and find a new summery space to work from. So slather on the sunscreen, keep yourself well hydrated, and take advantage of these three summertime alternatives to your home office.

The Beach/Pool

Water has been known to have soothing properties. Even just looking at waves of water can help you to relax. That’s why going to the beach or the pool can put you in a calmer state of mind. Simply pack up the kiddos and head to a sandy beach or a pristine pool and get some work done. Just be sure to bring along another adult to supervise your water babies until it’s time to take a break and crash into some waves or do a cannonball into the deep end of the pool.

The Park

Your kids are clamoring to play on the monkey bars, but you’re a working mother with a looming deadline. Make your office a mobile one by taking your laptop with you and finding a shady bench to sit on. Your kids can play while you finish your work. After you’re all done and your kids are tuckered out from splashing around in the sprinklers, you can grab a sno-cone or a vanilla ice cream cone with sprinkles from the ice cream truck.

Your Deck/Patio

There are some days when it’s just too hot to venture out anywhere. When the dog days of summer hit, you can still take advantage of being outside (but for shorter periods of time) by working from your deck or patio. The close proximity to your home office might make this option appealing, especially if you need to reference a bunch of files that you wouldn’t want to carry with you otherwise. Plus, you can always duck back into your home office (and central air!) when the temps skyrocket.

Working from your home office day in and day out can get a little boring. So switch up your workspace every now and then to boost productivity and to also enjoy the deliciously long days of summer with your family, too.

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