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3 Simple Online Marketing Tips for Your Blog


By using these online marketing tips, you can drive traffic to your blog and make money through online advertising. Search engine optimization (SEO), back linking and basic networking can get you hundreds or even thousands of page views every week, which will translate into money for you. You already do all the work of writing your blog, so it makes sense to make some cash by promoting it using these simple and easy marketing tips.

Tip 1: Write SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a method of writing which involves the strategic use of keywords. Properly used and distributed, popular keywords can help your blog rank highly in search engine results to bring you more visitors. With a little practice, SEO writing is very easy and won't detract from the quality of your writing. You can hire someone to write SEO content for you, or find a list of commonly searched keywords which relate to your topic to include within your own writing (Google Analytics is a great source for this).

When writing SEO content, be careful not to "stuff" your writing too full of keywords. The goal is to write smoothly and well, only fitting keywords in where they naturally fit. Writing with the intent to optimize your blog for search engines is a perfect marketing tool because the act of writing for your blog is all you have to do. And since you'll do it anyway, there's no extra work involved.

Tip 2: Back Link

Back linking is when other websites link to your website, which lends credibility to your site and makes it rank more highly in search engine results. One easy way to do this for a blog is to find a network which supports each others' blogs. Plenty of blogs have a separate "Links" page in which they link to other peoples' blogs with a short blurb about their content to encourage visitors to click through. Joining one of these networks and supporting some other bloggers with a "Links" page of your own is an easy and quick way to generate traffic.

Tip 3: Network

Don't be shy about talking to other people through the internet. Most bloggers are psyched to get comments on their blogs, so that's a good way to start: read other peoples' blogs and leave worthwhile comments. Most blog comment boxes will have a specific space for you to put your website, so make sure you put your blog URL in that section. Never link to your website in the main body of your comment, though, since most spam filters will flag outside links. Networking through comments is a fun way to make new friends while subtly, but effectively promoting your website.

Marketing your blog to attract large numbers of readers can be as simple as slipping a keyword or two in your writing and as fun as meeting a new group of friends. By following these 3 marketing tips, you can generate more page views and make some money while you're at it.

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