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Get Out of the House: 3 Great Work Place Alternatives

Working remotely doesn't mean you have to work at home. A change of scenery may be just what you need to spark fresh ideas and motivation.
A woman working in a library.

One main complaint from work at home moms is that working from home is full of distractions. From a messy kitchen and piles of dirty laundry to overactive children and the monotony of your surroundings, too many distractions can create an unproductive mindset and environment. Because consistent distraction can lower your productivity drastically, consider hiring a babysitter or putting your older children in charge, and then visit one of these three places that will help you get back on track.

Get Outside

Get some fresh air and refocus. You could go to your local park, your favorite scenic spot, or even just your front porch. Working outside will give you new sights, sounds and smells, which can increase creativity, help rejuvenate you, and clear your mind so you can commit to your current project. If you need just a few undisturbed hours to make headway on a project, going outside is a fantastic office alternative.

Visit a Local Museum

Most museums are quiet, and they offer free Wi-Fi access to all visitors. When using a museum for temporary office space, head to the farthest collection or exhibit from the front door. The farther and deeper inside you go, the quieter it will be. The farthest corner of the museum will also have the least amount of unfaltering foot traffic, meaning you can focus for longer periods of time without disruption. When you need a moment, stretch your legs and look at some of the exhibits. It may give you some great ideas for your work.

Use a Library

This is not a new idea for work at home moms, but it’s a popular suggestion for a good reason. It’s quiet, it’s calm, and there are nooks everywhere, which makes isolated work easy, comfortable, and even desirable. Plus, if you need to research a topic or get fresh ideas, you’re at the perfect place. Keep in mind that your local library most likely has Wi-Fi access to use as you need it, so you don’t have to feel that you’re lacking Internet connection by working in a library.

Using temporary work locations doesn’t mean you should avoid working at home. It simply means that you have options to work around the distraction. Instead of letting distractions become a hindrance, use them as motivation to find focus and accomplish your daily professional goals. Distraction is normal. But what you do with that distraction and how you fix it is what can make you a stronger work at home professional. If the three suggestions don’t work for you, find unique places of your own that bring out your productivity and keep you on task.

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