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3 Elements in a Successful Email Marketing Campaign


In order to have a successful email marketing campaign, there are three main elements to consider and implement.

1. Develop a Good Email List

The successful email list consists of the best possible target market audience to whom you will send a newsletter, information or special offer. Preparing a viable email list can be a challenge. It is important to be careful not to buy lists from spammers. Typically, a spam operation offers to email advertisements to upwards of 500,000 people for a premium cost. There is no way to know if the people who will receive the advertisement have agreed to receive information from any particular list owner you might be doing business with. It can also cause trouble since spamming is frowned upon and even considered a violation against many email and Internet service providers' terms of service.

The most reliable source of an email list is through contacting a viable opt-in email list broker or owner. Find out as much information as you can about the proposed target audience. Review and research the company's track record. Find out how the email lists were compiled. Require proof that the recipients agreed beforehand to receive emails from them.

2. Devise an Attractive Offer

The second most important element for an effective email campaign is to develop an attractive offer for potential customers. One of the most important things in an email marketing campaign is to attract the customer, and to keep them coming back. The most successful campaigns consist of the best and most attractive conditions for customers to return repeatedly for continual business.

Think about what you can you offer customers that they may be tempted to buy from your web site or store. Special discounts on products usually garner more customer interest. While everyone may not purchase products or services, the web and foot traffic that flows through the website and store creates an opportunity to showcase all that is available.

Incentives such as a percentage off the original price of the goods or services, two for the price of one, free gifts and free information are popular tactics to get people into your regular and online store. An email newsletter delivered regularly to potential customers is similar to inviting people into a store.

The offer should be attractive enough so that the customer will either want to receive a newsletter or visit a website. The website should contain a further invitation to sign up to receive a newsletter. One of the most powerful parts of sending out a weekly newsletter is that it means you have been invited to send regular messages to a potential client's email inbox.

3. Be as Creative as Possible

Great, effective copy writing with a nice design layout is essential for most email campaigns. Set your point across engagingly by making it interesting and compelling to the receiver. Add any special offers and gifts. Then offer a choice of either visiting your regular store, the website or replying to the email.

Be mindful of the subject line text. The subject line is the first thing a reader sees and many determine at that point whether or not to open the email and read further. Make the information short, meaningful and give enough data to entice them to read more. The subject line, for example, is a great place to offer a special, attention grabbing benefit.

The success of your email marketing campaign will be determined by how well you engage potential customers, as well as retain regular ones, as outlined above.

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