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  0 fee, work at home jobs?Where?

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Author Topic:   0 fee, work at home jobs?Where?
posted September 20, 2000 01:17 PM           Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
I've been endlessly searching for work at home doing data entry or something similar. I'm not interested in selling, or phone work. Every ad I've replied to, asking for more information say that theres a one time fee or shipping charges. And the job is never what it advertises to be. Does anyone have a legitimate work at home job? I've found one place so far in Ma. that didn't require any fee, but I had to take 2 tests, one online, and the other at a company. I passed the first and part of the second with over a 95, I was denied employment based on my lack of knowledge on THEIR computer application, which I was shown how to use for about 2 min. and they were having networking problems, they gave me about 5 minutes to work on their system. I know I could have done the job, it was simple. So out of 100s of jobs theirs was the only one that didn't ask for ANY fee at all. HELP!

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wahmcheryl regular
posted September 20, 2000 01:24 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for wahmcheryl   Click Here to Email wahmcheryl     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote

Keep checking the jobs page:

I add new jobs there every day, there shouldn't be any fees associated with the jobs I list.

You're right to be wary. If they ask for money -- run away :-)
There are too many scams out there.


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Rosalind Mays
posted September 27, 2000 04:10 AM           Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote

I often tell people in your shoes that you have choosen the HARDEST of things to search for. Why? Because EVERYONE is looking for a simple data entry job or a simple clerical job and there is no DEMAND for that type of work. Employers have an abundance of applicants in that type of work so they are not hurting for data entry people.

That's where the scammers come in. They KNOW there is an abundance of people like yourself looking for these jobs but there are very few of these jobs. So they create this system and convince you to pay. Stay away from that sort of situation as you have been smart enough to do in the past.

When there IS a legitimate data entry job that employer is INUNDATED with HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of applicants within a matter of HOURS.

Now, the key that I've found to data entry jobs just happened to me a few months ago. It seems that business don't just need someone to enter data they need someone to SET UP the systems, TEST the systems, CREATE inquiries and reports and fix any problems (maintenance). I have enough knowledge of database programs like FileMaker Pro and MS ACCESS that I have had several jobs in the best few months.

If you don't believe me, go to such places as or and see for yourself, there are a number of businesses asking for this type of expertise.

So my recommendation is to KEEP LOOKING but be aware of the competition and WHILE you are searching learn database management. There are lots of places on the internet that have instruction, you can take a community college course or purchase a book on this software (don't forget the library). I have found that having this knowledge has gotten me half a dozen jobs so far. The work is nerve-racking at times but the money is good.

Oh and you might want to check these places out too. Their jobs listings are legitimate.

Rosalind Mays, author of "The Real Deal on Telecommuting"

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New to
posted March 23, 2004 11:04 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for lookingforajob   Click Here to Email lookingforajob     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Hi Brandy,
I am in the same situation you are. I can't find a legitimate work at home job either. Does anyone know if the jobs that say they pay for reading emails,etc are legitimate? Also if I ever do find a work at home job do they last? Or do they only want you for awhile? Hope someone can help. Thanks

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soccermom regular
posted March 24, 2004 10:59 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for soccermom     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
I agree it is a LONG process, but keep searching!!!

Get paid to look at emails....start making a lil extra now it takes no time to do I have been doing it a couple of days now and it really works just sign up for it, it is free!!!!!!!

Get $10 Just to signup!

Another GREAT one! I just got a $25.00 gift card for Bath and Body Works!!

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haydens_mom regular
posted March 24, 2004 12:13 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for haydens_mom   Click Here to Email haydens_mom     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
I have looked for a few years now. And still nothing.....I dont look anymore because I ahve found what I want and love what I do. Everyone wants that wodnerful easy clerical job to do at home. No sales, no telemartketing. But as RosalindMay says.....There are thousands of people searching for that..and only 1 opp out there if that! So your chances are VERY slim to None.

There are legit opps out there....but you already stated that you dont want phone work, so then that leaves about 90% of legit home "jobs" out. There are a lot of call center jobs to do. If you really want to work from home, take what you can get. And Never pay $$ for info or to get started. Unless it is a home business like a party plan ofcourse where you need a kit.

Another point, is.....some people are not so willing to provide their job findings because they to worked hard for their search & aren't about to give up the info to someone they dont know. So keep that in mind when you expect answers from people onthe message boards. Sorry to say it bluntly but its true, people just dont like to admit it.

Good Luck with your search & let me know if you want some info on the call center jobs. My email is in my profile


Senior Consultant
Stay in for a Girl's Night Out w/ our Home Spa parties


Affordable Luxuries - Yankee Candles & More - $25 to start

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New to
posted June 14, 2004 05:00 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for infoready   Click Here to Email infoready     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
I don't know that a work at home job, that you can start with no money, is going to be worth anything.

If you really wanted to, you could start an eBay business with no money, though. If you have anything in your house that you don't need anymore, check on ebay and see how much it's selling for.

If you have a couple dollars (even 10) you could hit some garage sales and pick up stuff that you can sell for about 30-50 and work up from there.

The ebay fees come out of your account later, so that's a good way to go about it.

Amazon, also, works good for this. It doesn't cost anything to get started with amazon, although if you get into selling many books it makes sense to go into their pro account ($40/mo).

Profitable Crafts - Make Money Doing What You Love

Click Here

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Byron R. Engler
posted June 16, 2004 07:30 PM           Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
People remember there is no Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow.

Anyone that offers you a business upfront with no fees, I would be very leary. Also, too many people are looking for someone to set them up in business and they sit and wait for that paycheck. No matter what you do for a job, There is WORK involved. Whether it is contacting, selling, making, baking, pouring.

There is also a new breed of people who seem to want it all without working. Check out the cyberbeggar sites. They beg with the most expensive websites they can afford.

I am willing to help you help yourself to money, and you need to give hardwork and dilligence in return.

No shade tree sitters needed.

Byron R. Engler 402-228-2784

If you are serious about Making Money from Home. Check out my two businesses. They work.

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kmjohnson41 regular
posted August 30, 2004 01:06 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for kmjohnson41   Click Here to Email kmjohnson41     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
This is for hbarbre can you email me the information on your business???

Thank you so much

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siahsmom regular
posted September 18, 2004 06:24 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for siahsmom   Click Here to Email siahsmom     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Well, this is a great question......starting a business or work at home for no fee!

Its my specialty to find them..why?? because I am not in a position to pay for a business especially if I don't know my chances of success.

I have found many home businesses that are FREE to start up. I think it depends on whether you are comfortable trying to sell. Then there is the decision of whether you want to do live parties, take catalog orders, do craft shows or work online.

I have found many free to start direct selling businesses that allow you to do fundraisers and wholesale orders. Clerical and other jobs, I searched for a long time but all required money to start.

It's harder for women that are home without an income to start working from home because the fees or start up costs are prohibitive.

I hope this information was helpful.
Contact me if you have any questions about this.....I keep track of FREE opportunities for others that want to work from home!!


Shopping in the South is still FREE to join!

Tammy in Maine

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New to
posted November 05, 2004 02:26 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mrsarmstrsj   Click Here to Email mrsarmstrsj     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
I don't know if you have heard of "Working solutions" it's an inter net temp service that will contact you once they have a job "project" for you. I have applied myself. haven't done any work yet. Dr Phil had them on his os the web address
Good luck!!

Originally posted by wahmcheryl:

Keep checking the jobs page:

I add new jobs there every day, there shouldn't be any fees associated with the jobs I list.

You're right to be wary. If they ask for money -- run away :-)
There are too many scams out there.


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