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The 4 Best Work-From-Home Freelance Jobs

From design to writing to jewelry making, freelance work encompasses a huge range of skills and talents.
jewelry making

If you want to earn some supplemental or even full-time income from home, there are a number of freelance jobs that you might choose between. From freelance design to writing jobs, freelance work encompasses a huge range of skills and talents so you can find your preferred niche. Some jobs lend themselves better to freelancing work than others, however. This list covers some of the best, most ideal work-from-home freelance jobs.

Job 1: Writing

Writing makes an ideal at home freelance job for many reasons. It requires no college education, only a solid grasp of the English language. Writing samples are more important than a lengthy resume, so starting up is less of a struggle than it might be otherwise. It can be done and submitted completely online and usually pays on a per-job basis, so you know exactly how much you're earning. It doesn't require any sort of capital investment - even if you don't have your own computer, you can write from the library or an Internet cafe. Writing jobs are also quite easy to find online with websites such as iFreelance. All of these traits make freelance writing an ideal at home job.

Job 2: Editing

Freelance editing is very similar to freelance writing in a lot of ways; the only real difference is in the job itself. Samples, while still very important, should be supplemented with a resume when possible. It may also be slightly harder to find jobs, but you can use all of the same websites as freelance writing to search for work. Many people work as combination writers and editors, which helps keep them busy if they can't find enough work doing one or the other.

Job 3: Graphic and Web Design

Graphic and web design are different jobs, but very closely related. Both are usually done completely online, making them ideal freelance at home jobs. You will be most desirable if you have skill in both graphic design and in website coding, enabling you to complete websites from start to finish. If not, you can still find work coding premade designs or creating designs for someone else to code (but don't expect as much pay). Graphic and web design require more specialized talents and much more effort than writing or editing, but should also pay significantly more. Jobs can be found on many sites including or If you're in the process of building a portfolio, try entering design contests on Your body of previous work (or lack thereof) has no bearing on these competitions. If you win contests, the prizes can be fairly generous; if not, you still get to use the designs for your portfolio.

Job 4: Jewelry Making

For anyone fond of crafting, jewelry making can be a fun at home job. It does require some initial investment to purchase materials, however, and there's no guarantee prior to producing your jewelry that someone will purchase it. Nevertheless, it can be a reasonably profitable venture if you take the appropriate steps to promote your work and are successful in selling it. Join sites like and to start listing your jewelry and help it sell. Make sure you keep track of all the money you spend on crafting materials, as your jewelry making-related expenses are fully tax deductible.

These freelance jobs are all worth considering if you're thinking of working at home.

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