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How to Write a One-Page Sales Business Plan


A sales business plan is very much like a traditional business plan, but the focus is specifically on how you'll make sales and identify your target customer. The sales business plan analyzes your current business and marketing strategies and projects sales into the future. Increasingly, small businesses are opting for a one-page sales business plan because it is less daunting to write and easier to amend than a more complex business plan. Use the simple steps below as a sales plan template. 

Step 1: Define Your Business and Your Vision

Start by concisely defining your product or service and what you want to accomplish with your business in the future. Define what makes your business unique and what sets you apart from your competition. This is the vision of your company and should be refined and redefined as your company grows and changes. 

Step 2: Define Your Target Market

Next, research your target market, be it local, internet-based or both. Define your customer in as much detail as possible. Include demographics, age, income, and what need your product fulfills. 

Step 3: Define Your Financing

Clearly define what methods you will implement to finance all aspects of your business from overhead to advertising to employee wages. Financing may include savings, gifts from family, small business loans and current business revenue. 

Step 4: Outline Your Sales Strategy

Your sales strategy includes everything you do to generate sales. Be very specific about how you will market your product and what your marketing budget is. Project the effect of each sales strategy you implement. Give the most attention (and budget) to the strategies that produce the most revenue. This section should be refined often to increase spending on beneficial strategies and to stop strategies that don't work. 

Step 5: Define Your Sales for the Next Year

This is the most important section of your sales business plan. If you've been in business for a while, break down your business into a list of products or services offered. Next, project your next year's sales for each product or service. Sales performance for a product will include columns for product cost (such as raw materials), the market percentage of the product, the sales revenue of the product and the product profit margin. Use the previous years' sales revenue for each product and increase it by a reasonable percentage to come up with your projected sales for the current year. This will give you an idea of your revenue potential. 

To write an effective business plan, you must have a clear vision for your business into the future. A one page sales business plan helps you define your target market, develop your strategy for marketing your product or service, and define how you will finance your business into the future. In addition, the sales business plan projects future sales, defining which products and services generate the most revenue and the sales strategy you will use to achieve your revenue goals throughout the year.

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