Fake It Til You Make It in Marketing

  • "Fake It ‘Til You Make It in Marketing" is the title of our team training call on Monday, 11/24.

    I invite team members and guests to dial in to participate in the call.

    857-216-6700 code 342297
    8 PM CT
    (Remember to adjust for your time zone)
  • Is this 9 pm for Md? I always mess this up.

    Ok I think I figured it out thanks to google. Lol we're 1 hr ahead in md.
  • Our team call is at:
    6 PM Pacific
    7 PM Mountain
    8 PM Central
    9 PM Eastern
    We always enjoy guests on our calls. Our calls are all open. I give a brief training presentations, and then we discuss the topic and anything else callers want to talk about. The more people participate, the more we all learn from one another.
  • Ok thanks for confirming. I edited the post 3 times before googling. Lol. I want to ask some questions about doing this and working at a pharmacy. Trying to avoid unintentional kickbacks. I'll try to call tonight.
  • I'll be glad to answer your questions Ginene. I encourage everyone, whether Xpress Healthcare or any other company, to do lots of research. Check third party sites to see what others (outside the company) say about the company.

    I hope to speak with you on our call tonight... or give me a call direct at 520-378-3096.
  • I got side tracked and missed it. I'll call you now.


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