Pinterest anyone?

  • I am FINALLY figuring out how to use Pinterest! I have a ways to go, but I am beginning to "get it." Anyone else use Pinterest?
  • Pinterest
    Hi Julie

    I hope to sign in to Pinterest today, maybe learn some things LOL
    I think that this is now my 33 rd post here .. Woohooo!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
    Maria B
  • Someone told me Pinterest is "addictive." I understand why! It is very interesting. I'm far from an expert on Pinterest, but let me know if you need help. It is really unique from any site I've ever been on.

    If you have been a WAHM member for at least 15 days + have more than 30 posts, you can create a signature block (see mine for an example of a very simple one) & you can place ads.

    I can help when you're ready to place ads. They have some strange rules, so if you call me, I can tell you what NOT to do.
  • I LOVE Pinterest. I haven't been on it in a while because it is so addicting. I have a ton of folders, and the funny thing is... I have so many amazing things saved in those folders and yet I have never gone back to do or review any of the things!
  • yes i am using Pinterest for quite a while now, very useful social network site
  • Have you found Pinterest to be of use with your business? If so, how?
  • There is a webinar for Pinterest and how to post for your business. The womans name is Melanie Duncan. It is awesome!!! Check her out!


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