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  • Great information. Thanks hon3y.
  • Quote: Beth,

    I understand how you might think that, I'm sorry you got that impression.

    But about Tom you don't know my reasons for responding that way.

    The moderators I contacted do.

    I apologize for what you consider my being rude and if you were insulted.

    Maybe if you knew what's really going on you'd might be a little crass as well.

    Xpress Healthcare is a great company and if you join,

    Whom ever you sign under I wish you great success.

    Hi Mike,

    You're right, I don't know the "story" and I'm sure I probably don't want to. I'm just saying that a lot of different people look at the different folders. I have found that just because you are part of a particular company, it doesn't mean that you can't gleen valuable information from them. I personally am not part of any of the companies in any of these folders. However, I do frequent a lot of the folders since I am looking for knowledge in working from home.

    Xpress Healthcare sounds like a great opportunity and I just wouldn't want anyone else to be discouraged. I know that you are normally very helpful in this folder and you have even sent me some info at one time. Please don't feel that I'm coming down on you. I just think we should be careful about what we say and how we say it.

    Have an awesome day!
  • In a nutshell, you keep receipts of EVERYTHING business-related & bring it with you when it's tax time. Make sure to have a savings account with a little bit of *reserves* just in case you owe a little bit on taxes. While owning a business HELPS many peoples financial situation, come tax time, I don't know your personal situation & it's better safe than sorry, right? I'm sure Mike & Julie gave you tons of awesome advice.

    I took a tax class & the truth is, if you do what I mentioned, you'll be A.O.K. Find a good tax person & after a half hour your numbers will be taken care of