Thinking About Self-Publishing?

  • If you've thought about self-publishing, but you aren't sure if it's worth your time, here's a little inspiration for you:

    Who Said It's Hard To Sell Fiction On The Kindle

    A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

    Now just may be the perfect time. So, what are you waiting for?
  • Another article:

    The rise of the 99-cent Kindle e-book | Fully Equipped - CNET Reviews

    And a healthy discussion on AbsoluteWrite:

    Self publishing gaining serious ground - Absolute Write Water Cooler
  • Great food for thought; thanks for the interesting links!
  • Wow, great info!! ::gears turning:: ::as the lightbulb goes on:: Thank you!!
  • Thanks for the great info, I'm just checking here.. do you own If so I have been going to that site for almost a year and love it
  • Perhaps I need to look into this further as well.

    I have been considering purchasing a Nook, so I was talking to the "Nook guy" at B&N, and he told me that many have been able to publish ebooks on the Nook through PubIt!.
  • For me, as strange as it sounds given the freedoms, freelance writing is my 'day job.' I never intended to write non-fiction, but I found myself with the reality of being an adult and having to pay bills. Such is life, right?

    But fiction is my passion. My partner and I decided in January that we wanted to push ourselves and get out a serialized novel for the Kindle, Nook, and iPad. We're in the editing stages of the first part right now, and securing cover art and proper formatting and all that good stuff.

    One thing I will say is that you should approach self-publishing as a business all its own. You're responsible for everything from writing a tolerable manuscript to editing, formatting, finding a cover, marketing, and accounting.

    Not everyone can be Amanda Hocking (who is likely slated well over the million $ mark for this coming year), JA Konrath (making $30k/month on all of his books), or Victorine Lieske (selling 10k+ copies of one book each month), but I do believe everyone who approaches it the right way can find success. There are a large number of authors on selling 1k+ copies of their books a month.

    If you're not quite ready to take the plunge with fiction, here's a post about an entrepreneurial spirit who's decided to publish her short non-fiction on Kindle with great results: Katie Harper on Making Money Publishing Kindle Articles.

    If you have any questions on publishing via the various e-reader platforms feel free to PM or email me. In the meantime, here are some must-reads from my blog roll, all concerning self-publishing:

    E-book Endeavors by Lindsay Buroker
    Written in Blood by Katie Salidas
    Ramblings of an Amateur Writer by Reena Jacobs
    The Inner Bean by Jennifer Hudock
    Write to Publish by Robin Sullivan

    And Joe's blog, a Newbie's Guide to Publishing (listed above) is worth reading all the way through the archives.

    Also check out this post at the Kindle Boards > Writer's Cafe: Kindle Primer - A Guide for Newbies and Others.

    If this is a dream of yours, I hope these resources will help you on your way to realizing it. Best of luck, and if you want more resources (I have an entire section of Google Reader dedicated to these!) or are interested in a fiction critique partner, drop me a line.
  • You're all more than welcome and I wish you great success if you decide to self-publish in the future.

    Elle, no, unfortunately that's not my site. Mine is in my signature if you'd like to take a looksy.

    Courtney, thanks for the additional links. I'm reading through them now. GREAT info!