What to charge for advertising

  • How did you determine what to charge for advertising? What about for text based ads versus sponsored posts?
  • To be honest, there was no rhyme or reason for what I started charging. I knew that I had a faithful following and pretty good traffic numbers so I just went for it and followed the lead of a fellow blogger and was surprised to get what I asked for and now I'm getting more. I work hard for my advertisers so they see it's worth it.

    The thing I recommend is to not undersell yourself and if you sell ad space (buttons, banners, etc.) require 3 months up front so you don't have to worry about keeping up monthly. You might give them some sort of discount if they pay for 6-12 months up front.

    Sponsored posts go for way more than ad space (buttons,etc.) because it's a permanent inbound link that they get.

    I am very picky about who I promote so although the $ might be enticing be very careful what you promote on your blog, it could come back to bite you in the end. I pass on hundreds of dollars a day because I'm so picky but when I get a good one it's totally worth it.

    Hope this helps. Happy to look at your blog and give you an estimate in private message of what I might recommend. I have charged anywhere between $100-$500+ for a sponsored post. I do less button/banner advertising but those might go for $75 a month (paid 3 months up front) and up to $100+ a month. It really just depends.

    Play around with your numbers and you might be surprised. You'll need your stats in case advertisers ask and most will so have your unique visitors, page views, Twitter followers, Facebook page and profile numbers, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

    Hope this helps
  • I can give you some stats on my blog. I *just* started blogging, so they leave a lot to be desired lol that's why I'm really not sure what I should charge! I hadn't even considered it until someone contacted me about my rates.

    Around 500 unique visitors a month and around 1,000 pageviews a month.
    Around 1,100 followers on Twitter, 108 FB fans, and 300 friends. 42 followers on Pinterest.
  • Several bloggers have told me the rule of thumb (but not set in stone) is $10 per month per PR point for a text link ad. So if you're a PR 2 it would be $20 a month for a text link ad or $120 for the year. I know I charge more than that and often get it though I do offer a discount for 6 and 12 months if paid up front. I'll also email the rep/company about a month before their ad expires and offer them a discount if they renew and pay by a certain date which is usually 1-2 weeks before it expires. Sponsored posts are more because they're usually permanent links.

    One thing I've learned though is to figure out what the lowest amount is you'll accept and quote more because they'll always offer you a LOT less and you'll have room to negotiate.
  • If you want to private message me and give me your blog link and tell me a bit about what this advertiser is looking to do, I would be happy to help brainstorm rates.