Lost my pagerank again! Is it because I transfered to WP?

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  • The ONLY thing besides a Google penalty that would cause a page to lose PR is a loss of links. PR is a measure of the quality of incoming links to a page. Has nothing to do with what CMS you use.

    Now if you changed the URL structure of your site, you would have lost incoming links to those pages, which could cause the loss. Also, if you changed the internal linking structure (PR passes through links), that could cause it.

    Lastly... did you check both your WWW and non-WWW version of the page? They are two different pages in Google's eyes. I have seen it plenty of times before where one version of the page has PR because that is where all the links are coming into, and the other version has a PR 0. Wordpress will automatically do a 301 redirect of one to the other, which is the way it should be, but you could have it redirecting to the one without the PR right now.

    Other than that, it is just a plain old loss of links. If there were only a few high PR links coming into the site, losing just a link or two could do that.

    EDIT: I just took a look at your site. It's showing as a PR 3. One last possibility is just whatever you were using to check the PR was having a problem. I know SEOQuake, for example, goes down all the time.
  • You should recover your PR after some time, as it is the result of your backlinks (that didn't change) + your inpage SEO performance. Did you check your page SEO?
  • When you did the transfer did you keep your post URL's the same, by that I mean the same format. In WP you can choose how you want them to show up and it needs to be the same as it was in Blogger or the URL's to the posts will be different.