WAHM Forum - User Groups, Promotions, and Titles

  • User Groups and Promotions

    A user group controls the permissions you have on the forums, such as the number of PMs you can store, your attachment settings, the places you can post, and the signature file size you can have.

    Find below a chart of the different user groups within WAHM, the perks associated with each group, and the requirements to be promoted to the next group. To acquire WAHM Professional, please click here.

    User Title

    User titles is a separate system from the user groups. The user titles are strictly based on your post count and only reflect underneath your name. If you note, once you are promoted far enough in the user groups, you can customize your user title.

    Find the promotion threshold below.

    - Registered WAHM – 0 posts
    - WAHM Regular* – 15 posts
    - Super WAHM* – 200 posts
    - Awesome WAHM – 500 posts
    - WAHM Fanatic – 1,000 posts
    - WAHM Addict* – 2,000 posts
    - WAHM Master – 5,000 posts
    - Grand WAHM – 10,000 posts
    - WAHM Poobah – 20,000 posts

    *This user level/title gets additional feature enhancements to their membership. See table above for more details.