New Forum Requests and Rep Forum Rules - Read before requesting a forum

  • Sales Rep Forum Etiquette
    Company specific forums were/are set up for reps to support each other in that business and/or general discussions. So things up for discussion might be new product development or released, marketing methods, methods of building a down-line, retaining customers, just as examples. Those folders are NOT for advertising in any way, shape or form. So things not up for discussion would be how great the company or comp plan is, how the company is superior to others, how great your team is, how great your sponsor is, etc.
    The forum rules apply to all Sales Rep forums. No advertising. Please see the WAHM Forum Rules for general posting guidelines or visit the WAHM Promote Your Business Forum Rules to advertise your business, online events or monthly specials.
    We request that Sales reps from one company do not spam the forums of competing Sales reps.
    If you are a former sales rep for a company we ask that you do not post in a rep forum with ill will. We are not mediators and are not here to police disputes you have with your former sales company.

    Forums are closed when:
    There is little to no activity, there is only one member posting, the majority of the members are spamming the site and their forum with advertisements, a company requests that it be closed, or the business has closed and is no longer an opportunity for WAHMs.

    To open a forum back up:
    At this time, closed forums and new rep forums are not being considered.