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MQ42 05-17-2010 10:10 AM

New Keyer - have a few questions!
Hi I received the acceptance email from KFC yesterday and just started a small amount of keying this morning.

So, I have a few questions

(1) In the Dollars Only section - if a snippet is just letters with no numbers does this classify as "unreadable" or "blank"? if you get a number like 12-345678899 this is obviously not a dollar amount right so how does it get classified - "unreadable" or "blank"?

(2) Dates - if you get snippets that just have a month and a year how should this be keyed?

ashyb74 05-17-2010 12:29 PM

in dollars only if there is only letter no numbers it is skip-enter. only use blank if there is nothing in the snippet.

for the numbers of 12-345678899 I have been keying them as if they were dollars just 12345678899. if the number has 00123456 you just drop the 0 and type 123456.

I am still learning about the dates. but I have been keying them if they say may 09. I type 052009 or if it is 0509 it is 052009

I hope this helps

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