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ITWI 06-27-2018 12:18 PM

Ive had decent success using ibotta and coupon51 to save on groceries. It's not a lot but it helps.

Daydaes 06-29-2018 04:28 PM

Always looking for good tips to save money!! A lot of good tips here, thanks!!

surveysitereviews 07-06-2018 08:37 AM

10 Money Saving Tips and Tricks

1. Paid Coupon Printing – I have had success with (the survey panel and Get-Paid-To System) InboxDollars paying me to print coupons to use at the store. InboxDollars will pay you 10 cents per coupon (up to 150 coupons). The savings can amount to over $300 (if you use all coupons). In addition to huge store savings, you earn some cash for using coupons!
2. Buy Store Brands – Many major retailers (like Walmart, Dollar General, and Family Dollar) offer customers their own discount store brands. These store brands are the exact same product as their name brand counterpart (and are often manufactured at the same facility). For example, Walmart's store brand is called Great Value, and Dollar General's store brand is called DG.
3. Buy Generic – Just like buying the store brand is cheaper – buying Generic products is (usually) less expensive. You can often find cheaper medications by buying Generic.
4. Always Look at the Clearance Aisle – When I visit a store, I always scope out their Clearance aisle before looking at their regularly priced items. You can come up with big bargains in Clearance.
5. Shop at Discount Retailers – Often times discount retailers sell brand name products at deep discounts. Most cities have several discount retailers (which you can find via a Google search).
6. Check out Overstock Merchandise – When stores can't sell their merchandise, they offer it at deep discounts. Often times wholesalers will buy up large quantities of overstock merchandise to sell at discounted prices.
7. Look for End-of-Season Bargains – I find many of my best bargains at the end of a season. For example, I will buy next year's winter coat at the end of winter – on sale – and save it to wear next winter.
8. Take Advantage of Store Rebates – Many retailers (especially consumer electronics stores) offer rebates after you buy a product from them. I have gotten rebates from buying computers, TVs, and major appliances.
9. Earn Cashback Rewards – Sometimes it pays not to pay with cash or a debit card. Several credit card companies offer generous cashback rewards for using their credit card. Sometimes retailers have their store cards – which can earn you even more cashback savings.
10. Download Retail Apps to Find More Savings – Finally, take advantage of any technology that can help you save money. Most large retailers now have their own app to compete with e-commerce sites. Their apps usually offer additional savings not found in their store.

In short, there are several creative ways to save money and live a more frugal life. You just have to do a bit of research, as well as put in the time and effort.

Good luck on saving money!

mercyqueen 07-25-2018 04:14 AM

The best way to save money is to not spend on things you don't need, and not just because it says 30% off doesn't mean you'd get to save $30 for an original $100 purchase. You' ll just end up spending $70, and clearly, you didn't save anything.

hnsignorelli 07-27-2018 08:07 PM

Use YNAB for budgeting! Its amazing

crafter 08-31-2018 05:13 AM

My best money saving tip is home sewing. I sew my daughter's clothes and many other things. I have done some research and found the website http://bestsewingmachinesguide.com/ that helped me to find my first sewing machine. A good machine is a really major investment. I am happy!

Mia Gray 09-17-2018 03:54 AM

in bank or in your house!

olive38 11-13-2018 12:21 AM

My tip, which not only saves money but also saves the earth:
Do not use the dryer if possible, if there is space in your home or outside to air-dry the clothes, then let's save the earth's resources for the next generation. :-)

Mia9 12-12-2018 06:38 AM

Very actual for me, thanks!

ladyofwinterfell 01-14-2019 02:31 AM

I try to not "treat myself" so much, as I think that gets dangerous to use as an excuse for wanting something. It's so simple to just say that it's time you did something nice for yourself, but keep doing that and you'll end up with nothing!

JenniferJarz 03-04-2019 02:50 PM

Only buy what you need, shop what's on sale for groceries, go to different store, save where you can.

Donaldtcamp 05-01-2019 06:31 AM

Your Best Money Saving Tips
Hello, Thanks for those useful tips

vasheena 05-05-2019 05:09 AM

Virtual Assistant
For me, one of the best trick when it comes to saving money is still the PIGGY BANK!
There are a lot of coin banks now that is already estimated. If you put a 10 peso coin every day for a year then it would be a lot once you filled the coin bank. It's not big but once you saved up for a year it will be worth a lot.

andynelson 06-21-2019 01:38 AM

Can't save enough money.
I live like this is the last day.

Xelin 07-17-2019 08:40 PM

When I get my pay, I budget everything for the due bills. After that, I would count the remaining money. I would get an amount for my usual personal use. And then the rest of the money left will go straight to my savings.

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