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PathLessTraveledBy 08-28-2019 02:56 PM

Resume help for an unconventional past?

I need some resume help, or advice?

Other than working in a business survey call center for about a month (which I was put on the highest paying/demanding clients right after training until I left) I've had unconventional jobs. I spent about a year as a psychic chat room worker for a project managed by Sony - made it to assistant manager then full manager before the whole project failed. Then I spent years as an adult text operator working my way up from op, to mod, to manager and higher until I had to leave to take care of my ailing parents which was a 24/7 job until their deaths in recent years.

I have a HS degree, no college... looking at all of these job postings which I'm SURE I could do, at least some of them... I have no idea about my resume.

Most people I've talked to with my work background laugh and say, "Omg I've never put those jobs on my resume are you kidding?!"

But is that true? I mean, through those jobs and my own self-learning I know the MS Office Suite software, I'm a good match for tier 1 tech support, etc.

I'd like to move on and do something different, like phone customer service, etc. Will my background hurt me? How can I state it accurately? My references for my first 2 jobs are out since they're defunct now and the contact info doesn't work for the people, but the texting?

Please help... if this is the wrong forum I apologize, I did look around before hand and surfed other threads but didn't quite see this particular topic. xx

sheryl318 08-29-2019 10:08 AM

I would keep your work experience. But leave out all reference to the adult industry. I would create a category called summary on the top of the resume and indicate you are experienced (# of years) in customer service, technical support and management and include all your software and computer skills.

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