HSN question

  • Years ago I worked for West at Home. They handled HSN incoming order calls (along with other companies). Does anyone know who is currently handling the HSN order calls for work from home. West is gone. Thank you! Also, if you know of any CSR jobs like HSN where it is straight order taking and account assistance (and has night shift) I would love to know about them. Thanks so much!
  • I'd love a job that was straight order taking. I can't seem to find them.
  • I can't find them either. There used to be straight up order taking customer service. If you did an upsell it usually was connected to the product. Like HSN we had upsells that if someone bought a sweater the upsell was matching earrings or something to that effect. I can't find any of those types of jobs now. I don't want outbound calling. I want inbound that I can do at night when everyone is asleep and it is quiet.
  • Yeah, some of us just aren't made for making sales.