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  • Some info on company
    Quote: Hi, Mystery shoppers online is a company I came across, seems legit, but just wondering about pay, and if its worth the pay. I have recieved follow up emails, and want to start. Can you tell me if this is legit or if you have worked here previously. Any info is awesome!! Here is the site mystery shopping online job .com Just type it in search bar if interested. Thank you Mystery Shopping Online Job - Home
    Could not find much on this company but did find something on rip off report, here is the link:

    Ripoff Report | Mystery Shopping Online Job . Com Complaint Review Internet: 1216333

    Proceed with caution
  • There are jobs that are phone / customer service jobs related to mystery shopping that are actually jobs for the company, and are not mystery shopping at all. You can find jobs like that in Telecommuting and in the Mystery Shopping forum.

    This job however, from the description on the complaint at Ripoff makes it sound as it if might be someone's attempt to get someone to signup for offers to generate leads that the person makes money off of. Then they pay you a portion of what they made. It doesn't sound like mystery shopping at all. It's like the job offers that make you believe you are making money from surveys but they just have you filling out offers online.
  • Hi Sharon,

    I saw this post a few weeks back and wanted to thank you for mentioning MSOJ. This is my second month with the company and they paid me exactly when and what they said. I'm so happy I was able to make a little extra money. I didn't answer the calls at first but after I emailed Jennifer about them, she helped me and explained I just needed to answer the calls and follow the instructions in the guide. I understood what the guide said a lot better once I had a few assignments under my belt.
    I'm sure she got tired of all my questions but she was always polite and very helpful especially with my questions about my PC issues. I had excel on my PC for 4 yrs and never once used it. But I think I could use this to make all kinds of cool things, even though my kids didn't like the chore list I made, LOL

    All in all, I would definitely recommend this company to my friends and family. The only thing I don't like is that we only get paid once a month and keeping up with the emails from the assignments. I took there recommendation and made a new email address just for my mystery shopping work before I started my 2nd job. I'm very glad I did!


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