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Old 02-22-2014, 11:37 AM
Registered WAHM
Join Date: Nov 2013
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Default Helios Media aka Edegree Warning!

I just quit because you can't mark people that are not interested as not interested or else risk getting fired!! Also they try to find so called reasons to reject your leads so you don't receive the measly .30 cents credit for it, they told me you didn't brand the schools ummm excuse me I branded the schools 3 times during the calls. This company still hasn't paid me. This is just a warning.

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Old 02-22-2014, 03:19 PM
buffetwoman's Avatar
Awesome WAHM
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Oh wow, that's terrible! I'm sorry they treated you that way!
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Old 02-22-2014, 04:45 PM
Registered WAHM
Join Date: Nov 2013
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I know right.... I just want to warn others about this company. I know some people enjoy working here and that's great and all but they are quick to fire people with no warning not a very stable job.
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Old 02-22-2014, 08:19 PM
Grand WAHM
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Sorry that happened to you and that you had a bad experience.
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Old 02-23-2014, 12:44 PM
WAHM Regular
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Originally Posted by Twellow35 View Post
I know right.... I just want to warn others about this company. I know some people enjoy working here and that's great and all but they are quick to fire people with no warning not a very stable job.
I hear you, they are very quick to fire you. They say it is a performance job and that you have to keep your conversions up. However, when there are no clients on line or they call people that wind up not being qualified, it brings down your conversions. They say that is not the case, but it is. I was let go back in January, back with along with at least 5 others that i talked to. Also another one that I talked to all the time, was let go the following week. Yes they pay on time, at least on my end, but they are very unreliable source of work.
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Old 02-23-2014, 01:12 PM
homeandhired's Avatar
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I'm so sorry you went through that. There are so many companies that allow you to work from home though, so I hope you find a new one soon. Let us know if we can help you.
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Old 03-05-2014, 02:00 PM
Registered WAHM
Join Date: Mar 2014
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Default Agree on warning...

They don't give information which is important to help your conversions or let you know what you have to make right off...and how to track things carefully and tips on how to improve your scores. A lot of people might not have GEDs or have foreign diplomas, or might not be returning to school within 6 months (I learned to ask that one right off before getting into the script) or not have email – as it is a person will lose some for not having enough time to go through the process, or will disconnect because of system issues or a bad connection or something. So then you hit the “interested” button, and then, you find out they are disqualified, and you get docked as a result in your conversion numbers.

Basically, you should address some of these things BEFORE hitting the button and getting to the script where it covers those subjects of diploma/GED and 6 months, at the very least...

Problem is, the company does not seem to think it important to help prepare people with this, and a lot of people are not even aware of the issues.. and the company just ups and fires you when it is something which could be quite correctable.

This should be emphasized in their training, perhaps, and instead of a single day on training, they should spend two.

They should ALSO show people how to check their dialer hours in Skype and compare them daily and stress the importance of comparing daily, and making up any time missed in Helios/edegree advisor, and how to find the dialer hours in THEIR system so you can screenprint your hours to prove you were working should they claim you were not, or the numbers on their end show up incredibly short. This will also help daily in troubleshooting any computer problems.

They should let people know how to disposition outbound calls properly when already in a call and PAST the “interested” button and how important any notation might be for the Disqualified people which might possibly help with the conversions. I was told just not to do dispositions at that juncture because it messed up the system (plus they didn’t have good categories), yet it ended up biting me in the end ! I should have clicked the red button to end the call, not receive further calls (basically log off for a minute) put in a note to the account as to why they were not qualified or whatever, and dispositioned.

They don’t do these things, and fire people left and right who really do not even know how the system works yet, and why should they, when they have not had time enforcing the concepts and understanding the process ?

So, basically, you find out what went wrong and how to fix it.. AFTER you have been fired, and NOT before, because you don't even really realize there is an ISSUE to correct at that juncture... as is what happened with me.

I have gathered that there is a very high turnover rate, and it was not just me having these particular issues. In fact, the very same problems were expressed repeatedly.

Beware. They have great potential, with good pay raises, but there is a harsh learning curve, little to no allowance for mistakes, and little to no education on what truly is important to make the difference and improve. Normally in a company, you get warnings. This one will give you a FINAL warning without anything prior being indicated as being wrong…or in fact, exactly the opposite being indicated – that things are going great in your arena (which is again what happened with me)...

The people you work with are very nice – the initial premise and set up, however, is for failure. Only if you know what to watch out for beforehand will you survive.

I DO hope my points above will help any future employee if they choose to do this job.. to keep their employment and fare better than I did, because, indeed, it does seem to have great potential... if these things could be known and prepared for.

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Old 03-05-2014, 02:52 PM
WAHM Regular
Join Date: Nov 2010
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Default very sad

I think it's a damn shame that people are discarded as so much rubbish because of this Economy! One thing to keep in mind is that ONE Day this Country WILL get back on track and these type of Companies will be wishing they HAD kept thier good workers!
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Old 03-11-2014, 04:55 PM
WAHM Regular
Join Date: Mar 2014
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Default Agree

I feel the same way. I am frantically looking for work, and just wasted time on yet another "opportunity" that isn't what they described it to be. I wonder how so many companies get away with it?
They hire tons of people, charge fees, make you go through lengthy unpaid training, then when you start working and realize they lied to you they start verbally abusing you. You are told a million ways it's your fault that the job isn't working for you when supposedly so many others are making great money. There is a very grey area that lets them believe they are not just as much of a scam as a company that charges way more or pays pennies. Even if you make some money, or could make decent money after several months of learning/adapting....it just isn't ethical. You don't take advantage of people. It isn't right.

I hope when the economy turns around there will be real work and real pay for everyone. This is so crazy. How do they sleep at night?
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Old 03-11-2014, 06:45 PM
WAHM Regular
Join Date: Feb 2014
Posts: 90

I agree with Hope and Persia it really is hard to find good work in this field (work at home) sometimes I feel like its almost like finding a needle in a haystack I think the part thats the worst is we have to actually waist out time to find out the hard way on our own... But thanks to all the ppl in this forum it does help with all the advice and comments to avoid atleast SOME of the bad ones but it is really trial and error on our dime...
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