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  • Quote: I know they require a phone to take calls but does it have to be a Landline only?
    No it doesn't have to be landline. You can use a VOIP service.
  • Apply?
    Are they still hiring?
    I am unable to complete the application, apparently not qualified. I am not sure how this is being determined though.
    I applied for a position that I am qualified for but it keeps rejecting my application.
    Is there an email id for a recruiter for Teletech?
  • I was on the offer call Monday....I have yet to get anything for the drug testing. Has anyone got there's right away?
  • I was on the offer call on Tuesday and received my drug testing and I9 info on yesterday evening around 4:50pm EST. It probably on the way.
  • I applied yesterday, received the recorded interview part, which I was able to do successfully. Now what? What is the next step? How long does it take to hear? I am desperate for a WAH job. I have a first grader and a 3 year old and my husband's salary alone is not cutting it.


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