Sutherland Global Services

  • Does anyone know anything about Sutherland Global Services? I checked out their website and looked for more details but they dont mention whether or not a landline is necessary or what the pay is exactly. All they mention is that its competitive.
  • There's more information at

    The latest they have listed is $8.50/ hr for training and $10.00 per hour once you're on the phones.

    You would have to have a phone for training so you can call into the bridge, but once you get through that everything is done through a soft phone you install on your computer. You'll need to have a headset with noise reducing mic & a mute button.

    I worked for them for almost 2 years. They were always great about paying on time, and the training and support was really good. I really enjoyed it and wish I hadn't left.

  • Thanks Kylari!
    When you say I would have to have a phone to call into the Bridge, is a cell phone acceptable?? I was wondering because thats all my husband and I use. Sounds great otherwise, pay sounds good and the fact that theyre dependable is great. Thanks so much for your help!
  • how long is training?
    Is the training 3 months?
  • They are a legit company and provide support for various programs such as Turbo Tax. At least they used to. Training will vary somewhat depending on what you're doing for them.

    I interviewed with Sutherland a while back and I unfortunately had a bad experience with them.

    Here's my experience:

    I interviewed with Sutherland once at one of their local offices, and I thought the interview was very unprofessional. I was led to believe it was going to be a 1 on 1 interview. After driving over an hour for the interview, I found out it was a group interview and there were about 20 others there. I chatted with several others and they also thought they were there for a 1 on 1 interview.

    Then, someone came out about 15 mins later and told us the person doing the group interview was running about 30 to 45 mins late. Needless to say I was not very impressed, lol.
  • Thanks Danasurvey
    Sounds a bit different from typical interviewing process but if the job in itself is decent and the money is as well then I will look past it. Surely the interview would have to be a bit different anyway because it would prob be over the phone since its a work at home job, right?? Sounds like theres def some mixed reviews. I'll keep researching it, wish they were just a bit more detailed on the website.
  • Phone interviews are one on one, they must have done that just for the B&M location.

    Orientation and training sessions are conference calls done over a bridge session, and there are also periods of self-paced training.

    Training varies depending on the company you'll be working with. The first company I worked with I trained for 4 weeks, the next I trained for 2, but it was all paid.

    I can't speak for the in house experiences, but the at home division has some fantastic supervisors. I'm friends with a lot of my old co-workers and sups on Facebook & we talk often.

    Payroll is available online and deposited either to your bank account or to a direct pay card. W-2s are uploaded to the same ADP system as your pay stubs so you don't have to wait for it. The first paycheck is paper though because you need that information to set up your account access on the ADP site.

    Any phone will work for training as long as it won't go dead or run out of minutes mid call. If you use a cell I suggest plugging it into the wall during training calls because sometimes they can last a few hours.

    The interviews are pretty standard. Tell me about a time you gave excellent customer service, tell me about how you handled a frustrating situation, etc.

    Before you get a phone interview you need to do the virtual test. It's the generic virtual call center thing that most companies have started using followed by the standard choose the most accurate answer thing.

    Do the assessment in IE, set at 100% and make sure your computer is plugged into the modem/ router so that it can detect the latency. You'll also need to make sure your firewall is on.

    I hope I've answered any questions you still had, but if not feel free to ask away.
  • Thanks again Kylari :)
    Thanks for the details. It sounds great, Im definitely going to apply. Im a little more used to sales so I think it will be refreshing to have a job where I dont have to sell, I did kinda like the idea that I could make more if I pushed myself so I might miss that aspect of the job. But either way its a step in the right direction!