Anyone else upset that HQ live removed the Consultant Forum?

  • Anyone else upset that HQ live removed the Forum? I just did a live chat and asked where to find it. I used it all the time. So, I google searched and found this forum. Just curious as to what others thought about us having to go off site to chat and get help from our peers.....
  • Maybe they feel like most people go to to TS facebook fan page now.
  • I"m upset that it is gone, but I have joined an FB group that is even BETTER then that forum. PM me for details
  • I just asked on the FB page where it went. What a bummer - there was so much info there, wish I would have copy/pasted stuff before it disappeared.
  • Consultants who have questions can go to the Discussions Tab on the company FB wall. I would not suggest putting procedure related questions on the wall directly but if you are looking for assistance I would say to contact your upline first and if your team has their own FB wall, that second. If all else fails then go to the Discussions Tab and ask for assistance from your fellow TS'ers.

    I always worry that the information given out off the FB company site may not be as accurate as your going to your upline or team first.


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