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  • Share your Pinterest information here. Remember to add post tags or add information about your business so users can find you when they use the Search this Thread feature.

  • Lisalisamm needs some followers on Pinterest
    I'm Lisa and I advertise my Ebay listings on Pinterest. I Need some followers, here is my Pinterest link:
    Lisamm EBAY Marketplace
  • New to this too.

    My Pinterest

  • Magnifique is on Pinterest!
  • Great idea! I am also on Pinterest, here's my link:

    Kathy Nicholls on Pinterest

    See you there!
  • We are on Pinterest too! We use it mostly for creative ideas for our Photography business.

    Tim Harris (timharrisphotos) on Pinterest

    Really need to Pin some more stuff....
  • I am also on Pinterest!

    Crystal Johnson-Kroskey (crystalkroskey) on Pinterest
  • I love Pinterest. A lot.

    Missy Nolan (thisismissymiss) on Pinterest
  • I just started with Pinterest. Please follow me here

    Bonzai Temaluca (therealgeekmom) on Pinterest

    I'll be going down the list and following others.

  • Hi,

    Mest'ique Boutique is on Pinterest as well!

    I'm going to follow you all!


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