Initial feedback on Skinny Body MAX

  • I decided to put Skinny Body MAX to the test on Tuesday night by having dinner at True Foods Kitchen. I order the Beef Street Taco plate that came with 3 Street Tacos and a cup of beans. I took 2 capsules of Skinny Body MAX at 6:00 pm. Our meal was delivered to our table at 6:30 pm. While waiting for my meal, I sipped on a glass of water and noticed I began to feel full. When my meal arrived, I started eating the beans first and then the tacos. When I was halfway through the cup of beans I felt full. I pushed myself to finish only 1 of the 3 tacos. At which team, I felt stuffed and could not eat any more food. I took the other 2 tacos in a "to go" container. I felt satisfied for the rest of the evening.

    After making my trip to the bathroom the next day, I noticed my body evacuated A LOT more waste from my digestive system compared to when I used Skinny Fiber. I have also lost 3 pounds in 3 days.

    Skinny Body MAX seemed to work even better than Skinny Fiber.

    If you haven't tried Skinny Body MAX, I recommend you try it.