At the Fair...

  • We are back again this year!! Last year it was just 1 other girl & I, this year I have 7 other girls participating! Makes it so much easier for me so I don't have to be here every day 12 hours a day.
    We have a County Fair every month til October. We are setting up for a fantastic Fall!!
  • Best of luck!!!!!
  • Awesome rock!

    See you at convention.
  • Have fun! I just can't believe how amazingly fun and rewarding Scentsy has been to me! I am forever grateful to you Lisa!!! Thanks so much!
  • Had a great time helping at the fair! Met a few of my goals the first day, so I am just thrilled! Counting down the days til we are Denver Bound, I just know we are going to have a blast! Thank you for being such a GREAT Director and showing us that anything is possible if we just make up our minds to do it!
    Love you!