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helenslight 05-22-2013 03:42 PM

Oranum Psychic Forum
I went to Oranum .com and started exploring. It all looked really good. I went to sign and wanted to register as an "expert" It all looked good until I READ THE AGREEMENT I was signing. This is the exactly what I read as part of the agreement"

I went to Oranum.com and explored as a non registered person and it looked really good. I went to the Psychic registration and it looked really good. Then I read what I was signing up for in order to work for the company. I READ THE AGREEMENT AND CONTRACT. I was shocked when I read these words"
The website's holders (including Psychic Readings by Oranum Advisors - The Spiritual Community - Oranum) and Chat Host programs, promoted by Duodecad IT and/or by any other entity indicated by it, may also use and reuse, publish, distribute, edit, excerpt, exhibit and otherwise exploit my name (real or fictional), likeness, persona, performance, voice, pictures, chat, video, audio, biological information and identification, and statements, for any and all uses, in whole or in part, in any and all media and manners now known or learned, for use throughout the universe, without limitation, including in connection with the advertising, exploitation and publicizing.
The holders of the websites (including Psychic Readings by Oranum Advisors - The Spiritual Community - Oranum) and Chat Host programs, promoted by Duodecad IT and/or by any other entity indicated by it, may edit my appearance as they see fit (and I waive any and all moral rights that I may have), and I understand that they have no obligation to use my appearance(s).
Still pictures may be made from video or my appearance(s) by any means, and I grant to the owners of the websites (including Psychic Readings by Oranum Advisors - The Spiritual Community - Oranum) and Chat Host programs, promoted by Duodecad IT S and/or by any other entity indicated by it and it's successors, licensees and assignees the right to use said photographs, without further payment to me in printed publications, digitally on the internet or via CD, or any other media, without restrictions.

This means that can can take anything that I put in...chat and videos and change it ANY way they want including stills and place them anywhere in the "universe". They even use the word "exploitation" The other thing that scared me is that if I have technical difficulties they would like me to download their so they SCAN MY COMPUTER and find out what is wrong. Do I really want a company scanning my computer...where I have NO control over what they scan? I don't think so. Also int order to work there I have to use their program. I have to download and exe program. That mean that they could have access to my whole computer.

This company is very INVASIVE. I see many people working for their company. I asked my husband why they would do that. He said that many people don't read the fine print or just trust that everything will be okay. I wanted to trust them too!!! I want to be part of this company!! But my intuition is SCREAMING "nooooooo". I read alll of the agreement and it was all invasive.

I work for Starz Psychics and have worked for Planet Starz for YEARS. There is a lot of opportunity there. You can even sell metaphysical stuff in your shop. You can do email, chat, and phone readings. There is no video chat. You do give a small percentage to the company. Natalie is a WONDERFUL owner and organizer. She is so kind. I asked her about Oranum and she said that as an owner it would be unethical to say anything about them. I told her I was looking for other places to do psychic work and she was fine with it. You can log in whenever you want. I love Starz Psychics, I get nothing if you join so you may want to check it out. I am an unbiased lover of the place.

I just thought you all should know what I discovered.

Mystics 05-22-2013 10:25 PM

Many web cam companies have that clause so they can use your images in banners, and live video in video banners, because these banners can end up on any site their webmasters choose to put them, they have to make sure you are not going to object.

It is invasive, but that is the main reason for the clause.

Aeracura's LLC 05-23-2013 06:09 AM

You do NOT have to download an .exe file to be able to do readings, that is a choice of different interface. You can access doing live readings right through Oranum's website. The program is optional if you prefer a "prettied up" interface.

JohnJeffrey 05-26-2013 04:05 PM


As I posted previously on this board, i'm working for Oranum as a Reader for ages. To help you, please let me clarify certain things:

- They have those clauses in the Agreement to use our materials on advertisement creatives. For example when you are online on Oranum.com, you also appear on Horoscope.com, what is a HUGE advantage, and means lots of extra traffic! This clause allowes them to do this, and I think it's fair to inform the Readers about this.

- They don't install a program on your computer to scan your system. They use a commonly known software to check your computer's settings ONLY if you turn to them for technical help, and you ask them to look into your system. Otherwise they give you 24/7 technical help through Skype and e-mails. I used this software once when my camera had conflicts with my other softwares, and they helped me pretty fast.

Glad you found other places useful also, good luck for you!


helenslight 05-26-2013 08:39 PM

my mistake
I did some research with a lawyer and found out that that wordage is not odd. I apologize if I offended anyone. I should have done further research before I posted.


alexbinaac 07-02-2013 10:06 PM

this looks good
This psychic community looks good and have very good services.

Christine F 10-24-2013 12:46 PM

Thinking about joining Oranum
So, here is my story. I used to do Tarot cards when I was younger. I haven't touched them in ten years but I still have all my decks and all my books. I am rusty, to say the least. The recent adds in the job postings here have prompted me to consider it. I am trying to stay home with my kids to this seems like an ideal situation. And it sounds like a lot of fun, a great and rewarding way to help people.

I have some questions, doubts, worries, ect... It would be much appreciated if someone could share some experience and advice.

I don't see many people in the chat areas actually using Tarot cards. Is it preferable to just do psychic readings?

Which days/times are best to work? When is it really busy?

I am not used to doing readings for strangers, only friends and family. How long does it take to get used to it? What types of mistakes are typical for beginners?

I appreciate the help and thank you in advance,

helenslight 10-24-2013 03:08 PM

Thinking of Joining Oranum
I don't see many people in the chat areas actually using Tarot cards. Is it preferable to just do psychic readings?

Which days/times are best to work? When is it really busy?

I am not used to doing readings for strangers, only friends and family. How long does it take to get used to it? What types of mistakes are typical for beginners?

Hi Christine,
I am am gonna attempt to answer your questions. This is just my opinion. I have been doing this a while and it is the primary way I work now. I have done face to face readings as well as psychic faires. Right now, I work from home because that is what my situation best allows.

Best times to work? If you are on a line that is 24/y and international like Oranum that could be anytime. With Oranum, the days are less competitive with other psychics. And that is 7:00 -17:00. About 17:00 -22:00 lots of psychic log in but there are also more people logged in. You may want to wait till you get better known to work these hours. 22:00 -7:00 Lots of psychic log off and insomniacs log on. They are sometimes depressed or sometimes bipolar and sometimes have split with lovers so they may want to spend their money. Sometimes you will just get people that are lonely and need someone to talk to. I remember when I was in my 20 and had undiagnosed Bipolar 2 depression. There was no internet but, I would have loved to have someone to talk to. I can't work these hours on a consistent basis because it brings on depression for me but if I could these are the hours I would work. Graveyard. Right now I am having trouble with insomnia so I work them when I can't sleep at about 7am PST. I find that that is when people start coming into my room for some reason.

As far as what tools you use...that is totally up to you. I use tarot and oracle cards to start out with but my Guides seem to guide me more than anything. They guides me about the cards too. Use what you want to. Use what your good at. Use what makes you feel powerful. Use what your Guides tell you to.

Thingts I would caution you about: If you sign up with Oranum iknow that they cn use use your image how ever they want...it is their property.

Know people will ALWAYS and forever be asking you for free readings. They will leave your room if you say no. My guides taught me long ago not to give my gifts away for free. You may be different than me. Oranum has fired or suspended their psychics for giving free readings. But they seem to have different standards for different psychics. When I was doing yes or no answers I had an admin come into my room and tellme not to do that because it was discouraging paid readings. And yet I go into some rooms and their are psychics giving massive one card readings. Also know that admin can spy on what you are doing anytime they want...it is their right and their ability. That makes me feel a bit icky. I have to say that their admin help has been nothing but great to me. They have helped me so much when I needed it. I really like working for Oranum even if they do feel like Big Brother at times. About the free readings, decide how you are gonna tell people you don't do free readings. I am a direct person so I take the direct approach. I also tell them I would love to do a private reading with them where they can be the center of my attention.

I hope this helps.

Christine F 10-24-2013 05:12 PM

Thank you for your response. I would love to know more if you don't mind...

Do you find it better or worse to work weekends?

Thanks for telling me I can work with what I want. I have a few "unconventional" decks I may want to experiment with.

Is there any way you can give me an estimate of how much this pays? I know that it depends on how good you are, how popular you are, and how busy it is on a particular day but let's say in the span of a month or even a year...is there an estimated amount that comes to mind? I understand if you don't want to share your own data but I was hoping the number would be similar enough for everyone to make an educated guess.

Thanks again for all your help! So lucky to have found this sight.

helenslight 10-24-2013 06:52 PM

Working Oranum
Saturdays seem slow to me but I still try and work 2 hours. Sundays I try and take off if I have worked each day during the week. I do this for a living so I take it very seriously. I love taking Sundays off. I watch TV or movies or sleep or go to the beach. Sometimes even if I have missed a day during the week I will take Sunday off just because it is so good for me psychologically.

As far as money goes I would tell you to not expect to make a lot.And then be happy if you make lots. Put it out there that you are ready for abundance and then be ready to work for it. I would work for a number of places. I have some places that require that I put face time in and some places that require me to wait for calls. I am almost always on call for something. I work from home...this is my job. I still go to movies and have fun but I work almost all the time when I am home. I really advise you to have several places that you work so that you don't depend on one place to bring all your income in. I am highly self motivated and have a deep work ethic so this works for me. I also have insomnia because of a cancer drug that I am on so I will often get up and get my makeup on and get on Oranum. I sleep when I can sleep. Boy this is more that you asked for. LOL Sorry. I tend to ramble. I guess that makes me good at doing the Free Chat thingy.

Also, I go to some of the psychics rooms and they have no make-up on and their hair is a mess. For me, FOR ME, that would not work. I am trying to sell myself when I want them to buy a reading from me. I have always been a make-up freak...that is just me. I want to look less fat in front of the camera and I want my eyes to look good. So it takes me a while to get ready for work. It may take me 30 minutes to get my make-up on for reg stuff and an hour and a half for work. I know it is a long time! I am girly! LOL You might not be but, you can look nice. Fix your hair. Wear decent clothes. Make your background look good. If I am on webcam (which I don't really like to be) I am gonna look okay being on it. When I am doing reading for non visual things...OM Gosh...I am a mess. LOL

okay, hope this helps. Boy, I talk a lot!


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