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charmedangel 101 11-13-2012 07:02 PM

Asknow.com Can You
Can you really make any money with Asknow.com with making only .20 cent a minute??
By the time they take Pay Pal Fees out and connection fees and their membership cards given to people to use before your per minute .20 cents even starts how can you make any money? I almost feel your going to be paying them to put all those hours in.

I remember reading here somewhere that a guy worked really really hard there one week, because he had bills to pay. Said he made over $3,000 and only got paid $90.00....Making Asknow.com $2,910.00 because they charge $5.99 a minute but only pay advisors .20 a minute.
Can anyone explain more with this company as I just cant see where a single cent would be made for many many hrs. of work.

Thanks for any of your thoughts or experience with Asknow.

SydneyS 11-18-2012 11:29 AM

I was hired by Asknow but applied under Circle of Stars and was told that my pay would be .40 a minute as Circle of Stars is the higher paying "division"or what ever you call it. The pay rate went up a lot higher than that for longer hours, repeat callers etc and I thought, man, I'm going to get rich with this company. They hired me immediately but I was fired in a few days as I had a few personal issues and couldn't start right away. I guess that was a breach of contract on their part actually. In any case, there are so many complaints abou tthem on scam boards that perhaps I was better off. I know this is the kind of business that could attract a lot of off the wall complaints from customers, but I did have an odd feeling about the company in the first place.

ladychurch 12-21-2012 09:11 AM

AskNow.com - Stay Away!
This is for clients and advisors alike - STAY AWAY from AskNow.com.

Their Better Business Bureau membership was revoked this autumn. A large number of complaints poured in through the BBB and AskNow did not respond. You can find this information on the BBB website.

In regards to advisor pay: Individuals who start out at the $5.99 per minute rate actually make only 20 cents per minute with bonus incentives, which seem damn-near impossible to reach. You need to have an average call length of 20 minutes and at least 300 repeat minutes per week for the first month to qualify, and then you have to increase your repeat minutes to 500 per week for the next month to get any bonus. The minutes keep increasing from there, and the payout is NOT worth it. This has got to be the worst pay structure I have ever seen from an online/phone advice service.

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