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07-30-2011 until 08-30-2099
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Welcome to WAHM! Read These Rules Before Posting

Welcome to the WAHM forums!

After signing up and activating your account via the confirmation email you are welcome to post. Before doing so please familiarize yourself with the forum rules and FAQs.

Please note that new members cannot post to the Promote Your Business forums or Saving Money forums until they have an account active for 10 days and have posted 15+ forum posts with the WAHM community.

Thank you!

Rules of the boards:

Forum Rules
- Important posting rules on what is allowed at WAHM

Promote Your Business Forum Rules
- Important rules on WHERE and HOW to advertise your business

Telecommuting Forum Rules
- Important rules on posting legit job leads in the Telecommuting & Professional Forums

New Forum Requests & Rep Forum Rules
- Requirements and rules for new forum requests and Sales rep forum etiquette


- Frequently asked questions, read before asking about signatures, requesting a folder etc.

Site Related
- Have a question or need help, post here

Telecommuting Forum
- Forum to post telecommuting jobs - read rules in that forum BEFORE posting

User Group Privileges:
Read More Here

Per the image above, the WAHM Business Directory is getting replaced with a new layout and is limited to WAHM Professional subscribers.

New User Titles based on post count recognizes our most active users for their contributions to the community. User titles based on post count - promotion threshold:

- Registered WAHM – 0 posts
- WAHM Regular* – 15 posts
- Super WAHM* – 200 posts
- Awesome WAHM – 500 posts
- WAHM Fanatic – 1,000 posts
- WAHM Addict* – 2,000 posts
- WAHM Master – 5,000 posts
- Grand WAHM – 10,000 posts
- WAHM Poobah – 20,000 posts

*This user level/title gets additional feature enhancements to their membership. See table above for more details.

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