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Old 02-19-2017, 07:30 AM
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Default Ingredients and Information

What concerns do people have over ingredients? Some want organic only. Some are okay with a combination of organic and synthetic. Some want all-natural. Some are okay with purely synthetic. The truth is no one product or no one company will be for everyone, and that is okay!

Let me state this first: Posh is not for everyone. Some just want something different in their pampering products, but I also want to clarify a few things because I see so much misleading information---imagine that, the internet contains misleading information.

What does Posh avoid?
parabens or paraffins
sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)
sodium lareth sulfate (SLES)
petroleum derived ingredients
soy fillers

So what does Posh use that might turn off some? Posh does use fragrance, but it is phthalate free fragrance and when possible to create the best pampering experience essential oils are used. I believe our founders when they say that the exact blend of fragrance is proprietary information and meant to protect our formulation. There is nothing sneaky going on, and what most people want to avoid when it comes to "fragrance" are the chemically derived phthalates. Guess what? Posh avoids them!

Food grade dyes--yes, we do use them to create the best pampering experience that engages all the senses. Ingesting a food-grade dye is not the same as applying it to your skin. Full disclosure--this is healthy skin-- products can be more readily absorbed on damaged skin, so people should consider all the information and make the right choice for themselves. And remember, shaving can damage skin, so consider all that when making the choice on products that contain food-grade dyes. Here some people will still choose to avoid them altogether, and that is absolutely their choice, and those people will choose to avoid certain Posh products that contain food-grade dyes. Remember, Posh is about pampering and will use dyes to provide a better pampering experience that involves sight and sense of smell--gentle and naturally based pampering is the goal. (Just remember: Eating is not the same as applying to skin according to science. But absolutely there are some chemicals that are small enough to penetrate the skin. Essential Oils penetrate, for example. However, the skin serves as a great barrier to keep things out. Research is important to see exactly what can and cannot penetrate skin and eventually be absorbed into the bloodstream.)

We are cruelty free. Our main factories are in California which has some of the strictest guidelines on manufacturing. We are made in the USA. So, why don't we have any certifications? Bottom line is cost. Maybe that sounds like a weak argument, but Posh's goals has always been to make pampering affordable for all, and again I choose to believe our founders and trust that they are doing what they say they are doing and are not trying to deceive. I appreciate that they make pampering with quality products that contain naturally-based, gentle ingredients affordable. This will turn some away from Posh, and that is okay.

Posh always says, do your own research. Look at the labels, and then make the best decision for yourself.

Pardon the long message, but sometimes so much good information gets lost in the vast expanse of the internet and sometimes assumptions are made and conclusions are drawn without all the information.

So, here is a little info on ingredients and an encouragement always to do your own homework and research.


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Old 02-21-2017, 08:47 AM
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Very well said Melissa! Thanks for sharing!
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