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Leanne McGarr 02-19-2013 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by liz.jewels (Post 3083097)
I never would have guessed those were the companies. How interesting!

Glad you found my comments helpful. Sometimes it's good to be a financial analyst!

You have to remember too that the requirements might be based on Wholesale numbers and not retail numbers. I think most party plan numbers are retail product sales but like Paparrazzi, that is inventory business which means it is based upon how much the consultant BUYS from the company not how much she sells.

TSmom 02-21-2013 05:18 AM

I went with my heart and signed with Company #2 (Origami Owl). I based it on MUCH more that the company plan though (although it does help to know that women who have been in a year are already making great money).

I love that I can not just sell a product but hear their why's, stories, gratitudes and more. That will never get boring. :)

gypsyangel 02-21-2013 09:04 AM

Instead of looking as much to the compensation charts(while still important) maybe you should ask yourself which one of the products do you really love. I know for me it is much easier to share a product with someone that I love to use myself and that I believe in. If I don't really love the product its much harder to get excited about it and share it with others. Your going to make more money with something you can really get and stay excited about even if the compensation scale is a little different.

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