Feel like I chose wrong direct sales company... Help!

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  • Don't let your circle determine your results
    If you love what you represent, which it sounds like you do, don't let your circle determine your results. People spend ridiculous amount of money on unnecessary items every day, so even if your friends don't want to spend there, there are people who WILL. You just need to get out there and find them. Have you done any advertising? Maybe offer a small free gift to entice hostesses?

    Think of this as a traditional brick and mortar business that you just invested thousands of dollars into. Would you give up after just a month? To give yourself a fair chance, you should plan to commit to this for at least one year. It takes people a while to make a decision... in fact the average person takes 8 exposures to something before they'll make a solid decision. Only 10% will make a buying decision right away. In my experience, I've always moved on to new companies too quickly and had people ready to buy and asking if I was still with XYZ company that I left. Where I'm at now, it's been over 2 years and people still come to me, ready to get to work.

    Fill your pipeline Give you and your business exposure!

    I encourage you to seek out some professional industry training. Dani Johnson - Eric Worre, Google ways to book more parties since that's the life of your business, but above all, DON'T GIVE UP! Don't move on just because something else seems more convenient and easier because every single one of these businesses takes rump-busting work to turn into an empire.

    Write out your goals, sit down with someone from your upline who has had a good amount of success, determine what course of action is best to fit your goals and timeline, and then get out there and crush them.
  • time to rethink whether to continue or not