What are your best strategies for booking parties?

  • I study a lot of Karen Phelps & Party Plan Divas but I'm also looking for great ideas on getting parties booked and also how you get online parties to pop! If you can only give one suggestion or follow on method what would it be?
  • The best strategy to get them is to ask, ask, and then keep asking. Stopping asking because of a few no's will only guarantee poor results. Instead use that No to springboard you to the next Yes.

    p.s. doing a social media blast of "who wants to have a party?" does not count as asking.
  • Tip for booking
    You asked for one tip...I want to share two quotes that suggest the same thing in different ways.
    1. Work your "Ask" off!
    2. Those who are successful know what they want and how to ask for it. Those who aren't, don't.
    I've heard reps say, "they won't have a party." Then when asked if they asked they say, "No but she knows I'm trying to book and she didn't say anything." ....and they count those as people who said no. That doesn't count.


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