Online party outcome

  • Just curious what people's experience with online party like FB party or just
    Online party has been. What has some of your party size been
    In terms of sale like 0, 50 $200

    When you share can you share which company you did online
    Party with?

    Also those on FB have you found any success making an FB page
    And just inviting your friends to online party or creating
    A close group or party event? Thanks.
  • It really depends on the hostess. I've had ones with zero sales where the hostess didn't do what I suggested and didn't get people online for it.

    I've had others where the hostess really worked it and sales were $700+

    For my own, when I hold retired sample sales, they usually do very well and I will sell at least $1000 in retired merchandise.

    I do have a facebook page for my business. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it because FB makes it so difficult to be seen! But I have connected with a few people there so I have kept it up!
  • The hostesss is usually the one who determines the success of the party.

    I have a party sitting at over $500 right now and climbing.. and I have a party at 0 right now. The big factor in both is the hostess. One of them spent a ton of time inviting people, messaging people, and being fully engaged in the party. The other, did very little.

    I'm with Younique and I love their online party setups.
  • I agree with the other ladies, your hostess has a lot to do with the sales amounts, the more interactive your hosts are the more likely their friends will interact and purchase. If you have a hostess who is not active or trying to help reach her sales goal, her party isn't going to go well and she won't get much in rewards.

    So basically hostess coaching is super important, the consultant needs to know the product line, be excited to tell about it and draw the potential customers in.

    In my current business (Jamberry Nails) I've had $400 to $200 parties but I know they can be much higher!
  • Thanks everyone! That's helpful! For those
    of you who do FB party, do you set it up as an event
    or as a close group.
    I saw that if you set it up as a group you can post
    Pictures and it goes on their newsfeed.
    But event I think just shows on notification.

    I'm wondering if one is more effective than the other.
    I'm thinking group but wondering if it might irritate
    People that they are added on the group.

    Also what about being your own host.

    I'm doing my first party online so I'll be my own host this
    Time. Do you guys share as I've seen others post about
    Them helping out so the hostess can earn free products
    How do you that if it's your own?

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    Time to earn some money with it and get the teas
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    I'm just wondering which approach do you guys find more
    Effective when selling. I just set up my first online
    Party the other day but just put a few people on it bec
    I'm trying to determine best how to go about it.
    Event, close group or contact people individually then
    Send them the link and instruction. I'm closing Oct 15.
    I use to sell a lot before different things but finding
    Myself a bit timid approaching people this way.
  • I will set up FB events but I always tell my host that circulating that catalog is what will get the sales for her.

    I have one closing tomorrow. She wanted strictly FB. I set up the event and we posted good content. She worked it but in the end, most of her sales were from circulating that catalog. She is closing with over $600 in sales and only $120 of it came from FB.

    I think it is good to have a blended approach.

  • If the party is my own personal one.. I will set it up as an event. If it is for someone else, I set it up as a group and I always put the note up that if they wish to leave the group, to just leave the group.

    You really want to make sure that your hostess has something in her hands to try. An excited hostess is SO much better than a passive one.
  • I agree with all of the above. It truly is up to the hostess. I've had parties that bomb, and parties that do over $500 in 2 weeks of it being open. I work for Jamberry Nails. Coach your hostess. Make your party as personable as you can. Find out what your customers want. Don't just sell. Get to know them and build relationships. Always follow up afterwards, too.