Can you please share

  • Any experience you've had with Pampered Chef? I'm seriously thinking about it again. I like that they now have ceramic cookware.
    If you use to sell, how was your experience, did you find it hard to make money with it. Their commission looks low but I figured it might sell more and that would compensate for lower commission.

    I also really like tealightful treasures. I want to do both. I love the health aspect of tea and the blends
    Looks amazing.
  • I have never sold P Chef. but I cook with it all the time! I am always using their stoneware and kitchen gadgets.
  • I agree...I've never sold PC and haven't bought from them in years, but I love their stoneware!
  • I never sold it myself. I have a friend who sold it and was very successful, but she eventually left because the commission was so low and the parties were so much work. She was tired of cooking and cleaning at parties, and then coming home and cooking and cleaning for friends.

    So, she switched to a different type of company and has been successful with that too.

    Ultimately, if you are really passionate about it, you will probably be successful, but run the numbers and figure out of the time investment and party average sales work out to something that will keep you engaged and happy over the long term.
  • At Liz, I'm curious which company did she switch to? Thanks for sharing. Thanks everyone for sharing.
  • She switched to Beauticontrol and has now been with them about 3 years after 7 years with PC. So, a total of 10 years in direct sales.
  • I know/of several people who sell PC but they are all hobyists (gosh that spelling doesn't look right?!)

    I don't know what it is about PC, but I salivate over some of the products and I just hate everything to do with meal time
  • Pampered Chef is Great Products!
    That's funny utopiandream78 - I think I can relate. I have never sold PC.

    I LOVE PC products, I use what I have and rarely find myself buying more because it seems expensive. PC is an "investment" although guaranteed. The downside to PC is the price points, I didn't know it's low commission and I do know they work their booties off for parties I wish you the best of success with whatever you choose. Make it a beautiful evening!
  • I believe their commission is 20% or 25%.
  • I sold PC for awhile and it was really fun and I made money at it too. I had to give it up though when I hurt my back. Lugging around the kit became to difficult (same reason I gave up CAbi) too hard on the back! I love PC products though and still order them! It's a great company!