Saturation of an area with Dealers....How do you know?

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  • I have another question that has come to mind for me as I am researching companies. I live in a more rural area in a state in the midwest United States. How do I know that my area is not already saturated with dealers with a specific company?

    I don't want to take on something then later to find out there are already a half dozen dealers in my area.
  • If the company has a "locate a consultant" tab and doesn't require you to put your information in it should pop with the consultants that are in your area. Good luck
  • I would think you can also get that information by calling the company or asking the person you're speaking with about the opportunity. It's one of the things I don't worry about with my team recruits because it's still such a ground floor opportunity. Our territories are pretty wide open for anyone!
  • Our companies CEO and VP do not believe there really is such a thing as saturation. Everyone knows different people who know different people and so on. With so many people working their business online, it opens the field even more. If you love the products and the company, I wouldn't worry about how many distributors there are in your area or state.
  • For Tastefully Simple, just follow this link, input your zip code, then click "Go"
    Tastefully Simple - Find A Consultant

    This list will help you get a general idea of those consultants, in your area, with websites.
  • Google the company's name and your town and surrounding towns to see what comes up.
  • With SoyLicious, we also have a consultant locator, but as Barb mentioned above, with social media and the internet, you can go anywhere in the US and build your team and gain customers

  • Jolene,
    What companies are you researching?
  • I think a better question to ask would be how many "active" reps are in your area. The numbers may show that there are 50 reps in your area, but realistically only 10 are working the business. I live in a rural Midwest area as well and I have searched for reps of different companies in my town. What I found out was that there are reps right up the road from me but I never even knew it! All that tells me is they are not out there working the business.
  • Lora hit the nail on the head - active consultants vs. total consultants. There really is no such thing as saturation in direct sales. Some areas may be more mature than others, but saturated - never. There will always be more leads than there are consultants to serve. Direct sales by nature has a high turn over with consultants frequently coming and going but those who stick around and make it a career and who are actively working their business, AND providing phenomenal customer service are in the minority.

    Don't let the number of car decals or a statistic on a chart sway your decision - those are indicators of nothing more than people enrolled, not of those working and working well. Also because of technology you're no longer restrained to your own backyard.