Poll . Which bag party would you go to?

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  • Hi. I guess this poll could be written several ways . Which company would you host a party for? Which of these party
    would you attend? The choices are Beijo handbags, Miche handbags, Madison handbags or thirty one or Grace and Adele. You can even put 1st choice, 2nd choice etc. that would be helpful. Any of you seen these bags in person, have it. Any negative? Price points . Quality. Thanks. I would really like to get some feedbacks from some of the ladies on here. I appreciate it.
  • The women here are picky because we're surrounded by malls/shopping choices and they're big on designer brands in my area. So I would have to pick something stylish but first thought: I'd go with Miche or Beijo.
  • I would host or attend Miche handbags, Thirty One and Grace Adele.

  • For me either Thirty One or Grace Adele.
  • 1. Thirty-One, because the organizational supplies make it more appealing than just a bag show

    2. Miche, because of the versatility of changing the shells

    3. Beijo because of the unique and on-trend styles
  • 1. Thirty-One because I love how you can organize with their products.
    2. Miche, because I love my Miche bags and how I can change shells whenever I want to without changing my entire purse contents!
  • 31 or Grace Adele
  • Grace Adele or Beijo.
  • Madison!! The parties are SO much fun!
  • Only 31. I am not into "other" bags and have bought 31 a couple times and love it.