Poll . Which bag party would you go to?

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  • Quote: At Melissa Ferrell, I actually love the skirt bag, one of the reason I was thinking of31 and that you can embroidered. I just wish they had them in different sizes with that same cOncept. I don't hear much of the consultants mention them however. I'm assuming not really a big seller? What has your experience been with it?

    at Madison. I really liked what I saw in the catalog. I'm just wondering to what extent is it unique that One can design their own handbag. As far as the exterior fabrics, many of the other companies have a selection also as to which design you choose. So other than that, is it the lining and handle that you also get to choose which you can say then you designed? . It really does look like high quality. I'm thinking of Miche because I'm actually one of those person that at times have actually changed my outfit to match the purse I have my stuff in because I was too lazy to try and transfer all of it again. But thinking it might be heavy. The Miche. I like lighter bags. With Beijo, it looks nice but looks very expensive. However looks like they do sell a lot of it. With 31.. I like the skirt bag and that you can embroider it. I actually joined briefly like 4 yrs ago I think. I think I signed up under Phyllis. Don't remember her last name.

    I liked it but my family who are into designer bags thought it had the look of Target. One sister in law though thought it looked like Vera Bradley. I think that's what you called it. I just like that it could be personalized. But I do like the look of Madison bag. So confuse. Thank you to all who replied. Anyone else want to add.. That would be great.
    I have never bought anything from Madison bags so I was curious and just clicked through to their site. Yes, they do have several different options on customizing your own bag, but, for less than the base price of their smallest item (their wristlet), you can get a complete Thirty-One purse skirt - your choice of black or brown leather and 1 free skirt. For the price of their comparative (in size) to our Skirt Purse bag (Brooklyn Satchel and that is just the "base" price), you could get a black AND brown Skirt Purse AND 2 different skirts that could be mixed and matched to "equal" 4 complete different purses. So, I guess it just depends on your budget and the value you want to get with your money
  • Great question!
    If I were to host a party right now...I would go with Madison Handbags. I LOVE the look of their bags! Very pretty, classy. I also love Thirty-one, but there are so many around here (I do have a lot of bags from them also!) that I would like to have something different. I would've had a party with them if there was a rep. closer to me (I checked into them a while back), but there wasn't anybody. (NO. I don't want to sell bags!) Maybe I should check again, now, for a rep.....now that you bring this up!!
  • I know this wasn't a choice but I would definately say Initials, Inc. Great quality and a lot of beautiful fabrics to choose from. Plus, their personalization is always free.
  • At Melissa Ferrel, I probably would still order the skirt purse even if I didn't join 31 . I really think they would sell more if they made a line that is bigger.

    At Madison...are the leathers use real, not faux leather ? Also, how is the price perceived by others..do you get much price objections......Are the bags lightweight? ......What is your average party sales?

    Sorry, if I might've asked these before..I don't quite remember. Thnks.
  • Hey Anna!

    Where are you located? If it's been awhile since you checked for a consultant, things may have changed. The company is growing really fast and in lots of different areas. In the last month, I've had 7 women on my team join from TX, MN, UT, Fl, so word is definitely getting out there!!

    Lani, Melissa is absolutely right. It is all about the value that customers want. There will always be customers who think that price is most important and there will be customers who will be willing to spend more to get what they want, a high quality, custom bag. I just want to add by the way, that I've seen the skirt purse in person, and the Brookline Satchel is at least twice the size. So it's not really a fair comparison in terms of price.

    As for the leather, it is recycled leather, which is real leather. It's actually more durable than a first time leather product because of the binding agents they use and actually gets better with time!

    I can probably count the number of times I've heard a price objection on one hand in three years. I just don't get them. I think women see the quality of the fabrics, the bags, and they understand that anything being handcrafted custom for them is worth the cost. If they feel the bag is out of their price range, they can host a party and get theirs free!!
  • Thanks for your response. What about party averages? What has been your highest party and or average order per customer? Thanks.
  • Lani,

    I think it's against the rules to post personal income claims so I can send you a private message with that info. The company's average party hovers around $700 though.
  • Madison all the way - I can create a bag that fits me and my lifestyle.
  • I have never heard of Madison but they look pretty cool!!!!
  • Can I vote for Stella & Dot. They look to have some cute bags.
    Not a fan of the Miche bags. They have been in my circle. To me they are cumbersome and expensive. not cute.
    31 bags, I would go to, too.