Online Parties!

  • I used to see a bunch of sites that offered large online parties where several different vendors would participate. Where did all of these sights go?
  • They have them on occassion over at Mom Chats - Mom Chats Minutes.
  • Thanks for the info!
  • Direct Sales Work at Home Opportunities – Online parties, directory, fundraiser, business opportunity. is another good one...
  • Thank ya dear!
  • are they real/really active?
    I went to momchats and did not get the feeling they were active. the front page has a mock online party, but I didn't see any parties scheduled. Am I missing something?
  • I have 2 online chats there today.
    So not sure where you are looking.

    Mine are at noon est and 8 pm est
  • How do they work? Do you invite people to join you at the party. Then you do your presention online instead of in person?


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