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Old 06-11-2010, 12:51 PM
mkp_athome's Avatar
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this really depends on your cost of the product. You ultimatly want to get bookings and sales from the event, but at least breaking even on your auction items is good. If your company offers deeper discounts on items from time to time for you as the rep, always try to stock up on them.

I often auction a smaller price item along with a gift certificate or a baggie of $3 in quarters. And of course label your items with your info and give a hostess benefits brochure with each item.

Originally Posted by krispyrice1230 View Post
So do the reps make enough to cover the costs of the of the products, or is this a gamble where you are willing to loose money in hopes of getting bookings?
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Old 06-12-2010, 05:10 AM
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The ones done in my area, that I know of, always have part of the proceeds going to a charity. They usually do a couple of "charity rounds". Sometimes the charity will get the paddle fee or half of it.

If you are looking to make money on the auction items, or break even, it is best to use items you get at a deep discount or items that are not too expensive. At the same time I think it's also important to offer some nice items so attendees aren't disappointed.

You can stagger the value of what you offer. The events I have participated in require 10 items from each vendor. I usually break it up with a couple of larger value items (full size warmer/bar combo), medium value (plug-in/bar combo), small value (room spray/car freshener combo). If I don't get a lot of participation on the large combo I can sometimes make up for it on the lesser cost small combo items.

I have noticed attendance has gotten greater as more people become familiar with the event.

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Old 06-12-2010, 07:44 AM
WooTini's Avatar
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Hi Loretta.....

I just want to clarify somethin'... even if the group of vendors gives some of the money to charity, that doesn't change the fact that the vendors are benefiting from the games... which goes back to an "illegal game of chance" situation.

In order to avoid being the "organizer" of an illegal game of chance, there can be no proceeds going to anyone else (meaning us) other than the game players.

Again, this is whole discussion is probably theoretical... because in practice, it's highly unlikely any one of us would get "busted". But just know that this isn't like getting a speeding ticket.. these are crazy serious laws that if broken (and being caught at it - just depends if someone in the group has pissed off a wrong person who has a relative who is a cop or works with the gambling commission... lol)... anyway... the consequences for this sort of thing is confiscation - and that can possibly include your vehicle.

If this were just a $100 ticket or fine for the first time around... hey... I'd be going for it. But it's not.

Every state has different laws... so this isn't meant to be legal advice.. other than it would be wise to check your own laws if any one of us have concerns.
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Old 06-13-2010, 06:26 AM
LorettaA's Avatar
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I agree everyone needs to check their local and state laws.
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Old 10-04-2011, 11:17 AM
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Default Quarter Auctions in MO & IL

I currently am a vendor with around 5 different groups that do these events in IL. To make them legal in IL they must be done for a fundraising group if the event is held in a venue that does not hold a gambling permit. Part of the money collected must be donated to the group. At the ones I participate in we each have 4 items up for bid and 1 item is donated so the group keeps the quarters from all of the donated items. They sometimes get the paddle money, sometimes don't. Just depends on which group it is doing it. However if you have it in a venue that does have a gambling license then it doesn't have to have anythign to do with a charity/fundraiser and each vendor gets to keep all the quarters from their items. I pay anywhere from a $15 to a $25 table fee to set up. I set up my kit and/or cash/carry items. Normally do a drawing to get leads for parties, recruits, customers, etc. I normally offer a free candle or dip mix or coupon/gift certificate. I sometimes also have to donate a small door prize for the event. It depends on which group how much paddles are. They range anywhere from $1 to $5. Some of them do 50/50 drawings some don't. Our values are 0-$25 is 1 quarter, $26-50 2 quarters, $51-75 3 quarters and so on. Ive found "dressing up" my items often doesn't help at all. I've also found the 1 & 2 quarter bid items get way more bids (quarters) All items I use are item I bought on clearance say at the end of last years catalog plus I got my consultant discount. So say a $7.50 candle I was able to get for $1.50. I was tought you never want to use current product. I've found these events becoming so popular in my area has caused people to not want to do parties as much. If you have current product then why have a party when they can just win the item at an auciton. I always use used product from previous catalogs. Normally I break even on my items or make some money. And I normally get at least 1 sale at each event. I mostly do it to get out of the house, network & gain new customers, hostess & leads.

I use to do what I called a paddle auction with just my customers & hostess but now my venue has closed I got for free so I've had to go to doing multi vendor ones. I live in MO and have been told by the IL ladies it's not legal here so I'm in the process of finding out all the laws to see if there is a way I can make it work. At the last one I did I made around $450. As the person that puts them together they need to make money to cover the expenses such as ink, paper, advertising, hall rental, and mostly TIME! These events take a ton of time to organzie and can be such a pain in the butt when vendors don't get you their auction items on time, checks bounce for their vendor spot, picking up & dropping off keys for the venue, people back out last minute and so on so the organzier needs to make some money for their efforts. At the one I put together I charge $5 per paddle or 2 for $8. If they spend $20 with a vendor (i do this to encourage them to buy from our vendors and not just come to play at the auction) they can get an additional paddle for free. However they must still buy their 1st paddle. I keep all paddle money. That is my profit. The vendor fee is determined on the amount I must pay for the venue rental. Each vendor has 4 items up for bid. And they get to keep all the quarters collected from their items. I also do them for fundriasing and they work about the same expect the vendor must donate one of the items and the charity gets to keep those quarters. If the fundraiser provides their own venue I profit the vendor fees and the charity keeps all the paddle money. If I have to provide the venue & pay the hall fee then we split the paddle money collected.
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Old 09-04-2012, 02:46 PM
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Exclamation New to quarter manias

I am new to this forum so firstly I would like to say hello Secondly, I am new to the world of Quarter auctions/manias. I live in Anne arundel county Md. Is there anyone on here that knows if there are any special permits or anything I will need. I am hosting it for a non profit organization which my family has been volunteering for, for many years. I want to make sure I do everything by the books w/ no troubles! HELP
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Old 09-04-2012, 04:00 PM
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Default Hello and welcome

I have participated in the auctions and they were a lot of fun and we have had a great turn out. Please PM me if you would like detailed information. I can email you and/or hook you up with the organizer of the auctions in Texas so you can get her input.
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Old 07-11-2019, 07:00 AM
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Its something that i want
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