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LilyLovesPets 12-19-2016 05:44 AM

Generating Network Marketing Leads Online
I see from this forum that many of you have businesses that you promote online. I have also been overwhelmed by the number of "systems" out there which seem like nothing more than a way for the system's creator to make money. i would love to start a dialogue here about what works and what doesn't.

I have found that blogging and providing information work. Link Exchanges don't.

Anyone else have any comments?

JoeSpirit 12-20-2016 09:04 AM

There are a variety of systems the do just what you say Lily, but there are also those that are beneficial for the user, and not just the system creator.

For instance, I use one multiple income stream funnel that actually doesn't cost me anything to use. The creator can reap some benefit from it, but that doesn't necessarily happen because of the nature of the funnel.

Providing information works well for me, and there are a lot of ways to do that.

I use my own blogging sites along with guest blogging, and blog commenting.

Giveaway events works for me too. They help build a list of people who have an interest in the niche you promote, and it's not really difficult to create an information product you can let people have for no cost. The key is to make sure the info inside has value.

The most effective method is always going to be paid advertising in my opinion. But with that it sure helps to know what you're doing before you rush in. Some of those vendors aren't exactly honest.

MOMNPOP 02-25-2017 03:07 PM

Hi LilyLovesPets,

Have you ever heard of mentoring for free? It is the real deal. I wish I had found it 10 years ago. If you're interested, I can provide you the information.

aldricbangsal 03-08-2017 07:39 AM


Do you guys run facebook marketing campaigns or ads at all?
I really want to incorporate it in the business of health and fitness.

Mix In A Pinch 03-09-2017 09:35 AM

Good morning everyone! For me personally I do the 3 social pages that people use. FB, Twitter and Pinterest. I haven't done an ad on FB yet but that's in the plan. I find the consistency of posting is the key. I don't chase leads. I let them come to me. No inviting people to parties online or offline. Unless a potential hostess/host approaches me. No instant messaging just because somebody liked/shared my post, tweet or pin. I don't forget I am a consumer too. How would I like to be approached in person or online? The 2 are not much different. :)

As for advertising besides the 3 social pages I mentioned I also join groups ( great for leads). Additionally I run ads online with my local classifieds, comment to most recipes I find and build a community of people that share my passion. Whether that's food or online DS consultants. Just yesterday I was approached by a potential small biz owner in the UK ( Just waiting on her sample to send to her) . Our products and business opportunity just expanded to the UK in the last few months. This nice young woman found me as a result of a recipe I posted in a group on FB. It was that simple. This is also how I get sales. I don't use any system other than consistency, making sure I add links to all my engagements online ( Pictures too) and hash tagging like crazy. It doesn't hurt to have a few people in your tool box of online marketing/networking. For me I have 4. My inspiration , small biz woman, mentor and the person who's business I would like to see mine be. :)

Have a great Thursday! I wish each of you a successful year.
Sherry E. / Mix In A Pinch

rholman 03-10-2017 10:26 AM


Originally Posted by aldricbangsal (Post 3287552)

Do you guys run facebook marketing campaigns or ads at all?
I really want to incorporate it in the business of health and fitness.

Hello all I do is FB marketing since I found the right mentor who truly had my best interest in mind. If you would like more info would be happy to share with you.
After 10 years in this industry, with moderate success, my business has truly growing. I have people reaching out to me on a daily basis asking for info.

FightingTheGrind 03-20-2017 08:43 AM

Does a large Facebook following equate to sales?
OK ... So I recently spoke with a non-profit with a huge following on Facebook ... currently over 1 million fans! I own a coffee website and I they would like to advertise a post for me in return of 10% of all sales on initial and repeat business. I feel comfortable with this since I do not need to front any advertising money, however; I find myself wondering if Facebook followers actually equate to customers? I would be beyond happy with a .005 conversion ... but I want to be realistic. Again ... not much to lose here ... but I am curious to hear from this forum's experience.

Has anyone had success with Facebook posts equating to sales ... Primarily around Facebooks fans of a Facebook page?


DianaJoy 03-24-2017 12:40 PM

I feel like I'm still trying to find what works as well.. It seems that I spend most of my time marketing when I really want to be creating or working with a client. I've just hired someone to do a test facebook campaign. We will begin with the hypnosis and then go from there.

hcornwell 03-28-2017 02:53 AM

It all depends on what you're promoting, right now Instagram is the hottest thing in my opinion, much more user friendly than FB.

mountainmom5 03-28-2017 05:40 AM

I am diving into the fb ads things a little also, but what would you say makes instagram easier to use, hcornwell? I haven't used Instagram a whole lot but would love to know more about it. I used mentoring For Free a few years ago but you almost have to be part of the program they promote in order to use it.

Listening.... :)

busybee34 04-11-2017 12:27 PM

Twitter is one of the biggest out there for starting to get traffic to whatever it is your doing. Just be careful with it though because there's all these automated things out there to auto tweet and auto follow but you'll get your account banned doing it. So it's a bit tricky that way.

mobilefused 05-29-2017 02:45 AM

If you want to go for free options then you can generate leads via Linked, Quora, Facebook groups etc. If you need quality leads that really help to grow your business then you must have to choose paid services. There are many lead generation companies can help you to get quality leads.

workingwoman2017 06-16-2017 01:48 AM

From a lot of marketers and people that just want to promote links I hear Facebook ads is the way to go, since you can just set them up and let them run.

Jamie Hallman 07-03-2017 11:09 AM

Google Adwords can also be very beneficial in helping increase website traffic and customer leads. However, for other leads, I would say strong, consistent engagement through the big social media channels discussed is key.

TinaLynnLove 07-14-2017 02:55 PM

I've actually used Google Adwords and didn't get a good response. I also did some research on keywords and campaign building before I launched the campaign. So I'm not sure what I could have been doing wrong. I have since cancelled the ads (they were becoming expensive). I was getting clicks but no conversions. I am looking into more social marketing now and blogging as well.

Jamie Hallman 07-16-2017 10:41 AM

Hmm, I'm not sure about the Adwords not working for you. There could be many factors at play, but one thing to consider when getting lots of clicks and no conversions is always the landing page you are sending them to. If your bounce rate is really high, yet you know you are targeting the correct market, it could be that you need to tweak your website a bit, from wording to look. Also, depending on your company and customer base, some ads and forums simply work better than others. So, I think it is good to study and try out things, like you did, and just keep making notes of what works and what doesn't.

I definitely think that blogging is a good avenue, if willing to work on excellent content and consistency. It make take time to build it up to where you want, but very easy to link to other sites and share, as well as SEO friendly.

tomasoide 07-22-2017 09:35 AM

Im working with a MLM that pays for play games with the phone
Hi, i have been reading this discussion for a while, well, from 3 months ago i receive an invitation to participate in an affiliate program. They develope Apps for Google and iOS and pay to you for use them. The earnings come from the use of the apps and the quantity of "ads" that you see during half hour at day for 180 days. Now i have the return of investment. They offered me 3 different ways to invest. They pay you $4, $6, $11 daily just if you play one of the 9 games that the promote during half hour, each day, 180 days. The cost of the membership depends of the ammount that you want to earn. $330 for earn $4 daily, $530 for earn $6 Daily and $930 for $11 daily.
It has been working for me.

NainaPatel 08-22-2017 05:40 AM

Leads are getting harder and harder to come by using traditional marketing techniques like print ads and tradeshows. With fewer quality leads coming in, and many marketing budgets remaining frozen, the cost per lead is increasing. Marketers at B2B companies are increasingly turning to online means of sales lead generation.
Here is the quick review of some cost effective ways for lead generation, content marketing, email marketing, social media are the most used ways for generating leads. Some tools are also effective to get good quality leads such as,
  • LeadLake
  • NetLine

pedrocampos 08-22-2017 06:15 AM

The traditional advertisement is too expensive for people to start with.
Online marketing gives you the possibility to market effectively at low costs.
Getting leads is not hard, having a high-quality product's shelf and providing value is where most people screw up.

seojesica 09-04-2017 01:50 AM

I think paid campaign is potential way If you want instant, Share quality information with quality content.

smiling_face 09-15-2017 12:35 PM

I agree! I like IG better than FB!

smiling_face 09-15-2017 12:40 PM

Nice! I am glad that your business is growing now. Good Luck!

writepro 10-19-2017 12:15 PM

I believe it depends on what kind of leads you're trying to get.

If you're looking to sell products and/or services, then follow the lead of others who advertise those things. Facebook seems to be among the most cost-effective ways to do that, along with other content marketing.

If you're looking to recruit people to join your team though, there are additional options, and the approach needs to be different too. Yes, you can do that on Facebook, but you can also advertise on other sites, including Craigslist and various classified sites, as well as either advertise or buy leads on various career sites, such as CareerBuilder etc.

LaylaNZ 10-21-2017 01:47 AM

Hi Lily, i've tried FB and Linked in business promotion that hasn't been that effective and I have a need to drive traffic urgently as I have a time sensitive opportunity. Is blogging time consuming and do you need to setup your own site or can you blog on other sites? I'd appreciate any information your able to share as I'm keen to try all effective marketing options :)

JoeSpirit 10-21-2017 07:11 AM

Blogging success does take time LaylaNZ.

You can do it both ways.

When you set up your own site you need to publish high-value articles and posts on it. And it takes a while for interested visitors take notice in big numbers. You can speed that up with paid advertising.

When you post comments and guest articles on other people's blogs you can find success as long as the blog subject is related to your content. Success here comes only after you've proven your value to the other members by giving them quality information that they can use productively.

I've found that most overnight successes happen only after months, if not years, of struggle to learn the market and gain the skills for providing people with products that in some way make their lives better.

Daneck 11-03-2017 03:19 AM

What tools or programs do you use for SEO promotion? I use Google Keyword Planner, Google Webmaster Tool, Google Analytics Tool, Google Disavow Tool, Smallseotools, GT Matrics, and what prefer you?

MsFlirtyTalks 11-18-2017 11:45 PM

It's all about trial and error
Yes there is an overwhelming amount of "systems" for online promotional use. But unfortunately, you'll just have to try out the ones that appeal to you. And one by one find out which one/s are a good fit for your marketing efforts.


Originally Posted by LilyLovesPets (Post 3284796)
I see from this forum that many of you have businesses that you promote online. I have also been overwhelmed by the number of "systems" out there which seem like nothing more than a way for the system's creator to make money. i would love to start a dialogue here about what works and what doesn't.

I have found that blogging and providing information work. Link Exchanges don't.

Anyone else have any comments?

NainaPatel 11-21-2017 12:52 AM

Lead Generation
In today’s world where there is cut throat competition between businesses of the same league or industry, it is very challenging yet important to capture consumer interest and keep them engaged. Marketers these days have to come constantly up with new and fresh ideas to captivate the attention of customers, and one way to do so is by the generation of Leads. Lead Generation is a term that is used to refer to the generation of interest or inquiry among consumers into the services or products offered by a business. Lead Generation can be considered equivalent to advertising. The more a business can create quality leads, the better are the chances to improve sales.

Some of the common tactics or methods of Lead Generation include
Direct Mailing:- Most trusted method for showcasing is immediate promoting through mails. Just you ought to be watchful that mails must not be dumped into spams.
Organic Search and SEO:- SEO is the most effective way to generate leads because when companies need IT services, they go to Google and search for IT companies to get the information.
Content Marketing:- Which includes sharing on the web sites, recordings, web-based social networking post and so on that draws in the clients and create gainful interest in product and services. Content advertising increment deals, is monetary and gives clients who are faithful.
Social Media:- Marketing through LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook etc. which are the most visited sites by the customers.
Display Advertising:- Make a powerful ad of the product with the goal that it might draw in the client to watch the item
But going through tools can be most efficient way to generate leads, because it will be easy and less time consuming. These tools are,
  • LeadLake
  • Growbots
  • Insideview

Shirleysperkin 11-28-2017 01:00 AM

It is important to first understand what (Network or Multi-level Marketing) actually is. The department of Financial Institutions defines Multi-Level Marketing as ‘the sales of products or services through various levels of distributors. A distributor, also known as a sponsor, is expected to recruit other distributors. He or she is then responsible for training and motivating the new distributors.

Effective Ways to Generate MLM Leads

Generate MLM leads (thenorells.com) with a personal website: Many companies offer websites. Others allow you to make your own, but some don't, so you'll need to check your MLM company's policies about websites. If you can, make your own because you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you're not allowed to make a website directly about your business, make one covering a topic related to your business.

Build an Email List: There is a process or system of working with leads. The first step is getting them to take an interest in what you have (i.e. visiting your website). The next best step is to ask your leads to sign up for your email list. The best way to get their name and email is to offer something for free such as a report.

Write articles to generate MLM leads: Article writing is free and an effective way to get in front of your market through other people's websites. They key to a good article that another site will run is that it's informative, not an advertorial.

Use Social Media: While tweeting, "Join my team," won't likely produce results, if you're clever, you can use social media to generate leads. For example, if you sell weight loss products, you can have before and after pictures on Pinterest or Instagram. If you sell make-up, you can have tutorials on YouTube.

aalexander 01-04-2018 11:39 AM

I personally use many of the platforms already mentioned by previous posters. Along with that,I use a paid system and sometimes buy leads,post ads on facebook and in facebook groups.

JKP3885 01-05-2018 12:00 AM

I've learned 2 systems that help generate leads everyday... I have people ask me about my business now instead of the other way around!

Daneck 01-09-2018 01:52 AM

I was not particularly engaged in internet marketing. I just advertised in Google and placed my company on message boards, for example here https://bizlist.nz/ . It didn't take long, but I had the first clients. I don't have a big online store and it's enough for me.

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