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Old 06-20-2017, 10:24 PM
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Default The more I view the bigger the conflict.

I pretty much view quite a bit of Grant Cardone and Patrick Bet David videos. These guys are over the top being
straight up about business. It's sales. You learn to sell and you learn to close.

Now come the MLM part. MLM in itself isn't bad. I see the compensation side of it. Build wide and deep (depending on the comp plan) and earn off of the production of your team. Now that being said It always amazed me when I heard people had
tens and hundreds of thousands of people in their organizations and we not into the mega millions earning zone.

Then again I don't really know who make what but I have heard where after a certain point some are making more outside
of their MLM. I'v outlay backe been approached by people in the past who blatantly said they were using their MLm business to feed
other businesses.

Now here's the thing. Grant and Pat and others like them put it out there. They are about making money and the way to
do it is to make sales. Grant is kind of hard core but I understand where he is coming from. If people don't produce he
gets rid of them. Pat says he wants producers and will turn people away who he thinks aren't a good fit for his business.

Now comes MLM. Companies basically say hire anyone and build your business within a business. What I have seen
and experienced first hand is people will join a company, pay the fees and do nothing. Not even enough to earn their
initial fees back. Why is that?

I think it's because as Art Williams said it best or something like this. He said most people want success if it was easy.
Nobody wants to sell anything which is why a high producing sales person is golden. Just for a moment consider the business section where we can all advertise a business. Look at all the views. I would think at least a few viewers are
looking for an opportunity or a product or service but if 1% seek more information that a miracle. Then again I'm speaking form personal experience.

So here's the thing. Currently one company I'm with has engaged us to be accountable. We have to well not really
have to but it's stressed to hand in a sales projection sheet for a week. From projected sales to projected income.
There's no way that would fly in the MLM world.

So here comes the conflict. Build with the willing and go for the numbers or go the MLM route of recruit the masses
and keep what sticks? It's kind of like this. Do you want to make some money and have a chance to make all your dreams come true or what is your why? One is about business and the other is let's see how you feel and if it works out.

For those who are reading this rant just for a moment sit back and try to visualize where your really want to be in 5-10 years. What do you see? What's the lifestyle? Now are you willing to take it? If you are then it will take like minded people. That's
what I think separates the "leaders" from the rest. They go for it. They ask what's the numbers and then the next year try to beat the past year numbers. It's business.

Now here's something to really think about. we all throw around the term "leader" which is usually a high producer or income earner. So I have to ask. What are the others? If someone isn't a leader are they a follower? What"

Well one thing I have seen and know is to make the big incomes requires have a producing team. It's working for others
so it's who wants to make some money. Let's go....Work with the willing... Gorden Gekko said he wanted people who were poor smart and hungry. I want people who look in the mirror every morning and say I'm tired of this. Why not me? Basically that's Grant and Pat. They want people who want it and ask the question why not me and go for it.

Feel free to look up Pat and Grant on you tube but just be ready for a potential of an eye opening about business and sales.
Another great interview is with Hector Le Marque on Grant's website..Now that interview is very eye opening about the business side. I also follow all three on twitter...

As always if anyone feels I'm out to lunch feel free to let me know. I have an open mind and thick skin.
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Old 06-22-2017, 05:25 AM
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I agree with you wholeheartedly.

I come from a background of sales and management. The way companies use managers if to motivate and keep people accountable. You have to produce. You have to meet your quotas. If you're struggling your manager's job is to help you: more training, more accountability, whatever can help.

And if you simply aren't producing value for the company, they let you go.

Generally speaking, MLM is built upon the promise of freedom -- freedom from a job, freedom from financial worries, etc. -- so the idea of having to answer to your MLM sponsor doesn't appeal to most people who join an MLM.

I'd be curious to see how it would work if an MLM (either an individual or as a company-wide thing) would only keep people if they did what you'd expect on a job: quotas, lists of calls they'd made, etc.

I think it would either be wildly successful or no one would join. Not in between.
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Old 06-22-2017, 09:01 AM
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I'm not sure I completely agree with Grant as far as simply getting rid of those who don't produce and Pat who turns those away who don't seem to fit with his business

One thing you might consider in the MLM world is to look for those individuals who apparently want to succeed but just don't understand how. Could be that with some targeted training those people will turn into successful producers.

Sometimes you just can't know if someone will work out or not.
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Old 06-22-2017, 09:48 PM
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I 'm leaning more toward Hector La Marque. He is big on Tom Hopkins sales training for his organization and kind of shy's away from all the rah, rah stuff. Yes we don't know who will work out but he mentioned when he stopped doing the recruit and keep what sticks and moved more toward the looking for the ambitious his business went through a major change. He trains to be professioan within his organization

Tonight I listened to a Holton Buggs interview on his FB page and he made me understand a sales side can be just showing concern and having a passion for the product or service you sell. At least that's what I took from a segment of his interview.

Now here is something else I heard. Cedrick Harris said the MLM industry is about 80% women and Holton said it's about 70%. That's a serious hmmmmm.

Here is something else Holton mentioned. He said something he noticed is the Millennials are basically the new thing which I have heard but the target age market is basically 25-45.

As for Grant and Pat I don't agree with everything they say but they are big dogs in what they do so I will take what nuggets I can. Now here are a couple more points from Holton. He made a case of MLM is basically an industry of hustlers and there's nothing wrong with being up front that a person wants to make some big money. Now of course I'm not doing his interview real justice with little snippets so for those interested go to Holtons FB page and give it a view while it's still fresh.

Now if you see this post in a week to 2019 I say good luck finding the interview. Well as always build it big.

Oh one more thing. As for the accountability thing that's coming more from my financial services side. I wouldn't try that with another business I'm with. Yet I'm sure the big players in MLM companies behind closed doors are hit with projection numbers. Upfront we all see the feel good stuff but at the end of the day it's a business and companies are not in this as a hobby. As ya'll know.
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