Has Anyone Heard of This

  • I came across a website called Wealthy Affiliate, and I was wondering if anyone here on the WAHM board has any experience with this website. Is it legitimate ? If so, how would you describe your experience ?

    Please share.

    Here is the website I visited:
    Wealthy Affiliate Review, My Unique Take - Ways to Avoid SCAMS Online

    Thanks for your time.

    Pink Pea
  • Years ago, I signed up for the free trial. It looks like they've done
    away with that and now offer a free option along with their paying
    option. They focus a lot on article and video promotion for WA.
    This form of marketing was not my cup of tea so I decided not to
    join. Also, the amount of information to go through was a bit
    overwhelming. It's a legitimate program so no worries there.
  • I never did pay for the paid version but it is a great resource if you are into affiliate marketing. I used to use Jennifer Ledbetters stuff ( PotPieGirl) and she was a big advocate of WA.


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