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SEC 12-12-2019 02:55 PM

Shoppers needed in Sheboygan, WI
$25 + $5 Bonus

SEC is looking for shoppers in Sheboygan, WI for an easy sporting goods store assignment. The shop pays $25 plus a $5 timeliness bonus! If you are not a CBA with SEC, email me and we will get you started!

If you have never completed a mystery shop assignment but were curious about it, this is for you! This is an easy, straightforward assignment. The visit and reporting shouldn't take much more than an hour.


Interact with an associate on the sales floor;
Interact with a Hunting Department associate to determine compliance with firearm regulations;
Make a small purchase and obtain a receipt as proof of your visit.

Email me and we can get you started!

We offer the ability to self assign once certified for the client.

Thank you,

Ellen Alfheim

Logistic Coordinator

Service Evaluation Concept

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