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inelsen 03-04-2018 04:33 PM

Do you love pizza?
Hello shoppers!

Do you love pizza?This pizza shop must be done 11:30AM-1:30PM.

What to Order (check your assigned meal type):
1 Regular Sized Salad of your choice OR 1 Dessert
1 ‘ANY’ Size / ‘ANY’ type pizza of your choice
*If your timeslot and event notes indicate ˝ baked pizza - YOU MUST ORDER THE PIZZA ˝ BAKED (so you finish cooking it at home)

Number of People: This shop is for 1 adult shopper (at least 21 years old). Children and other guests may accompany you when you go to the location to pick up the Carryout order.

Pre-Visit call required and photos required.

Thank you,

Ilissa Nelsen, Scheduler
A Closer Look A Closer Look Mystery Shopping Company | A Closer Look
email: [email protected]
Voicemail: 888-446-5665 x293
Text: 860-506-5470

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