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Petra 10-02-2009 09:13 AM

Michigan MS
Hi everyone I recently started mystery shopping and I'm really enjoying it. Gets me out of the house and make money. It's not alot right now but I am starting to get more mystery shops and pay is increasing (depending on which job I take and calculate gas etc...). I just got a restaurant mystery shop to do and pay is good so I'm excited.

My question which website or board can I go to where I can find more companies to sign up for? I'm signed up to about 5 companies but 3 of them do not have any shops in my state. I heard there are many more I could sign up for but not sure which ones are legit. So I figured coming here you guys can post links for legit companies. I am in Michigan so if anyone knows any that they care to share with me please post here or Private Message me. Thanks so much :)

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