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  • Hello!

    I was wondering if you were interested in something different than mystery shopping?

    We are doing revealed Safety audits monthly all throughout the US.

    We help you 100% all the way through the auditing process. We don't force you to audit, if you don't want to do it monthly.

    The audits will consist of visiting the location and evaluating compliance with store policies, concerning safety and the COVID-19 measures in place. You will make sure signage is up, and do some light inventory checks. You will be required to pass a background and drug/urine test (about $35), which is reimbursed upon your first successful audit.

    Perks? Oh yes, there are perks!

    1. PayPal Payments w/in one to two weeks - Ipsos is one of the fastest paying mystery shopping companies to date. Audits pay $65 each for the audit.

    3. We help you to succeed! Instructions are online and we have a few online quizzes for you to take to better understand what you are looking for.

    4. Weekday only audits, no weekends. Audits could take up to 3 hours each.

    5. Revealed audit. You don't have to mysteriously walk around. The store locations know we are auditing them.

    6. Unlimited assistance through email/text from me. We have a hotline you can call during your audit, if you have questions. I also am here to help you through the auditing start up steps.

    7. Qualification lasts for two years. Once you are qualified with us, no need to keep redoing a background and illegal drug(urine) test. The qualification lasts for two years.

    8. Resume Builder. These audits are a great addition to your resume.

    9. APP submission. Audits are filled out while you are in store, on an app. Submit the form from the app, easy!

    10. Multiple Audits: Do up to 2 audits in a day, if you want.

    Why is this audit easier than most audits?

    These audits are MUCH faster to do, and you could do more than one in a day! Plus, the sooner you successfully do an audit, you will get reimbursed for the background/drug test below.

    The faster you do the background and illegal drug (urine) test process the faster you are qualified to audit.

    Please email me ([email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) ) for more information or let me know what city/state you are in, and I will get you started.