Just Joined!

  • I'm soooooooo excited!!!! I'm looking to do amazing things!!!!! How is everyone else doing with their business since mialisia is so new?
  • So far I have 4 big festivals booked in my area, but only 1 party so far. I've been mainly focusing on team building and team support since my business kit is not here yet. My event kit will arrive on Monday and I am super excited to get my hands on everything as far as the sales go since they have the websites and back offices up and running.

    Welcome to the team !
  • welcome to the team! You are going to love your new Mialisia business.

    Currently, I have 4 events booked, 1 online party and 1 in home party. The response to Mialisia has been great in my area and with my friends and family. My kit arrived last night and I was blown away by the beauty and quality of the line. I received so many compiments on my pieces today at breakfast and left a catalog for our waitress. We have an advantage, in that we can be our own best advertisers with the jewelry. Good luck to you and again welcome to the team.